Punggol residents race Tamiya cars for nostalgic fun, win new young fans


Belmont Lay | June 03, 2022, 02:46 PM

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Remember a time when there was no internet and having fun meant doing something offline, like assembling a Tamiya car and watching it zip out of your hands and go round and round along a race track?

It turns out residents in Punggol have been doing just that for weeks now -- for fun.

Mini race days

Plastic racing car aficionados have been gathering for the Mini 4WD Mega Race Track Day at the void deck and public badminton court, which are organised by Punggol Breeze Residents' Network (RN).

Punggol Breeze is a stone's throw from Punggol Oasis Terraces.

Photos posted on Facebook showed the race track assembled outdoors, with children attending the race, and with prizes given out.

The track was also laid out at the void deck of one of the blocks.


The Mini 4WD (four-wheel drive) cars are battery-powered electric motor cars that can only go forward.

According to the post, the race on May 22 was the second one, which saw fathers and their children arrive early to set up and stay back to dismantle the tracks.

The event also saw some residents sponsor the prizes given out to the eventual race winners, who were young children.

The post said about the community that was growing and interacting:

Furthermore, we also had some kind residents who sponsored additional prizes so that more little ones have a chance to win the race. Because they shared, “When I see the kids are happy, I’m happy too! And it’s worth it!”

Earlier races also featured young winners and the cars they used.



A good part of the fun is assembling and modifying the cars with guide rollers and anti-rollover parts to make the cars go faster and less prone to flipping over.


Top photos via Punggol Breeze RN Facebook & Tamiya