Korean man jailed 25 years for killing employee by inserting 70cm rod into rectum

He had been drinking with the victim on the day of the incident.

Matthias Ang | June 16, 2022, 05:53 PM

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A 41-year-old South Korean man has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing one of his employees by inserting a 70cm rod into his rectum.

Was drinking on day of incident with victim

According to South Korean media Yonhap News Agency (YNA), the man, identified as Han, had murdered his victim who was in his 20s, on Dec. 31, 2021.

The incident occurred at a children's gym owned by Han in northwestern Seoul.

Han had reportedly been irritated by the employee's behaviour.

An earlier report by YNA highlighted that both Han and the victim had also been drinking six bottles of soju on the day of the incident.

The victim subsequently died from organ rupture, according to South Korean police.

An autopsy report showed a perforation in the anterior wall of the victim's rectum and ruptured organs, including his heart and liver.

Did not have "perverse sexual tendencies"

South Korean police also noted that Han did not have "perverse sexual tendencies", based on a digital forensic analysis of his phone.

In its ruling, the court said that severe punishment is "inevitable" for Han, given the bizarre and brutal nature of his crime, and the lack of respect for his victim.

The prosecution for the case had sought a life sentence for him.

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