Jalan Besar Thai minimart offers authentic Thai 7-Eleven toasties, milk tea & grilled meat skewers

Get your fix of the iconic Thai 7-11 toasties, mango sticky rice and more

Irwan Shah | June 25, 2022, 01:59 PM

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Thailand is a country that many Singaporeans are fond of. Perhaps it's the allure of the sprawling night markets or the lively atmosphere.

Whatever reasons you have to love the land of smiles, you'll be happy to know that your Thai fix is now sorted.

From e-commerce to a mini supermarket

Rama Bear Mart is a two-storey one-stop mini supermarket at Jalan Besar. Here, you can get your favourite Thai products such as Thai milk tea, Thai 7-11 ready-made food and loads more.

It was opened by an entrepreneur, Zami, who hails from Thailand and relocated to Singapore.

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Being in a foreign country, she missed the local delicacies and products back home.

Spurred by the desire of satisfying her own cravings, Zami decided to open an e-commerce business in Singapore to cater to the Thais living here.

A few years down the road and the Rama Bear Mart was born.

All Things Thai

The first thing you'll see when you enter is the wide array of chips lining the shelves. You can't find these unique Thai flavours from well-known brands in the typical Singapore supermarkets.

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Going ahead into the chilled section, you'll be greeted with an assortment of frozen food and ingredients such as the Shibuya Honey Toast, Baan Nara Thai Crispy Pancakes, and a variety of 7-11 sandwiches — fondly known as toasties.

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Thai skincare products

If you'd like to get your hands on Thai skincare products, Rama Bear Thai Market has this sorted out for you as well.

They've got a range of products such as Snail White Cream Body Wash, Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder, Jergens Body Serum Brightening and many others.

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Home delivery available

If you'd prefer to stay home and shop, Rama Bear Mart also offers home delivery through their website for a fee of S$8.

Alternatively, there's also an option for you to order online and collect the goods at the store free of charge.

Mini cafe

If you do choose to go to the store, be sure to grab a quick bite or two at the mini cafe inside. Treat yourself to omelette rice with drinks (S$10), Thai fish cake ($6.90) or sour sausage ($6.90).

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The mini cafe also has grilled chicken and pork skewers going at S$2 each.

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Don't forget to add your dose of Thai milk tea too.

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Rama Bear Mart

Address: 73A, Jalan Besar, Singapore 208817

Opening Hours: 11am - 9.30pm daily

Website: https://asoinfinity.com/

Contact number: 88782254

Email: [email protected]

Top photo from Rama Bear Mart website, @rama_bear_thaimart/TikTok.