Learn valuable STEM skills at PSB Academy – with up to S$4,000 in rebates

How to develop in-demand skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

| Sulaiman Daud | Sponsored | June 14, 2022, 06:28 PM

Your days spent in school are a time of discovery, both of the self and what you’re capable of when working with others. Yes, there are stressful examinations, boring lectures and piles of homework, but there is also the satisfaction of learning more about the world and making lifelong memories with good friends.

But while personal growth is all that would be expected of school and education in an ideal world, the fact remains that the system is meant to turn you into someone ready for employment and the working world.

With that in mind, it’s worth considering the specific skills that employers are looking for and what kind of jobs are in high demand.

Skills in high demand

According to Randstad Singapore’s 2022 Market Outlook & Salary Snapshot Report in Dec. 2021, hiring is expected to pick up in 2022, and tech talents, in particular, will be in high demand.

The companies, industries and economy of the future will be driven by technical innovations. People who can work as data analysts, engineers, and cybersecurity experts will be highly sought after.

In the tech and transformation industry in 2022, 85 per cent of Singapore firms are giving pay rises - the highest among seven sectors covered by the survey, matched only by the human resources sector.

In order to work in tech, a prospective student may consider an education in technology, one of the fields under STEM, with the others being science, engineering and mathematics. And schools like PSB Academy are offering such opportunities to those interested.

PSB Academy will open its doors for an open house event on June 18, 2022.

You’ll get to experience hands-on workshops, speak to the programme consultants and get a taste of what it’s like to attend the school, with a special focus on STEM-related courses.

You’ll get to experience hands-on workshops, speak to the programme consultants and get a taste of what it’s like to attend the school, with a special focus on STEM-related courses.

Engineering and Technology

PSB Academy’s School of Engineering and Technology will be hosting a wide variety of activities that anyone, regardless of their familiarity with technology, will be able to enjoy.

Lab engineers will be demonstrating to visitors the day-to-day activities in a typical laboratory, so interested visitors can get a close-up look at the day in the life of an engineer.

Pic from PSB Academy.

You can get up close and personal with the 3-D printers in the labs, which can create physical models out of virtual designs.

While examining the resources available to students, visitors can ask current students questions about what it's like to study at PSB Academy.

Experienced lecturers from the engineering, I.T and cyber security fields will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about courses, industry trends and more.

You may even wind up speaking to a future teacher and mentor, who might be able to help you pierce the veil of mystery surrounding technical jargon like Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

They can give you a better picture on how digitalisation will drive Singapore’s economy in the future.

Life Sciences

Singapore aims to be a biomedical hub, with the Research, Innovation and Enterprise Plan 2025 aiming to invest about S$25 billion in Research and Development, with “human health and potential” listed as one of the four domains for expansion.

With a rapidly aging population, with a quarter of the population expected to reach 65 and above by 2030, the demand for services and solutions in this field will continue to rise.

For those interested, PSB Academy’s School of Life and Physical Sciences will also be holding workshops.

The Life Sciences and Chemistry Labs will be open from 10am to 4pm, with a short break from 12 noon to 2pm, allowing visitors to work with the equipment the professionals use.

Pic from PSB Academy.

There will also be a quiz on Life Sciences, with Grab Food vouchers as prizes for the winners.

If you have time, La Trobe University, from Melbourne, Australia, will be collaborating with PSB Academy to host a webinar on life sciences on connecting research and teaching for job-ready skills for graduates.

Get up on your feet

If all the time spent indoors has you longing for fresh air, the School of Life and Physical Sciences will present two workshops focused on physical activity and excellence.

The Sports Science and Personal Training workshop will get visitors up to speed with strength and conditioning exercises used in personal training. Ever wanted to try designing a personal training programme? This workshop will show you how.

Pic from PSB Academy.

The lecturers will discuss how sports science is relevant in personal training, and explain how a Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences helps one to get certification as a personal trainer.

If you’re interested in this workshop, remember to wear proper exercise gear.

The School of Life and Physical Sciences will also hold a Sports Taping workshop, where participants learn about the function of athletic tape and how it helps athletes during competition.

Organised by Starbalm Singapore, a physiotherapist will show participants how tape can be used to manage or even prevent sports injuries.

Professional groups

You can also speak to the members from PSB Academy's Singapore Computer Society and Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) student chapters.

These chapters give students a chance to network, discuss their projects and provide a valuable source of support for newcomers to the field.

And if you’re interested, you can also meet the team from IES Student Chapter who entered the Singapore Book of Records for constructing the Largest Rube Goldberg Machine.

Pic from PSB Academy.

Rebates for students

Prospective students may be interested to know that you can get course rebates of up to S$4,000.

Different courses have different rebate amounts, depending on the subject and school. For example, there’s a S$500 rebate for a Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences from the School of Life and Physical Sciences and a S$1,000 rebate for a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering, Coventry University from the School of Engineering and Technology.

Check out this link for the rebates and the full terms and conditions that apply.

Come on down

If that all sounds good, the STEM open house will take place at PSB Academy’s STEM Campus at Jackson Square, Toa Payoh, on June 18, 2022.

It will last from 11am to 5pm, and you can register at this link.

Who knows, you just might be taking your first step on the career of a lifetime.

Top image from PSB Academy.

This is a sponsored article by PSB Academy.