S'porean, 16, captures image of Venus, moon, Mars & Jupiter aligned from HDB window

Beautiful sight.

Joshua Lee | June 25, 2022, 04:46 PM

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You can actually see space phenomena from your HDB window, as evidenced by this image sent in by 16-year-old Mothership reader Charmaine Lee.

Using an iPhone 13, Lee managed to capture Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and the moon in an arrangement that is actually part of a larger alignment also involving Mercury and Saturn.

Major planetary alignments visible to the human eye such as this event, are very, very rare, and have only occurred a few times since 2005.

Lee, who is from Junyuan Secondary School, told Mothership that the shot was taken at 6:33am today (June 25).

"It took me about 45 minutes to capture this image as I was waiting for the clouds to make way to get a good view of the planets."

She added that she has been interested in astronomy ever since she was 12.

"I love to look at the stars, planets and checking out rare events like this," she said.

Astronomy has also been a grounding influence on Lee.

"I recall an incident when I had a panic attack and I was hyperventilating. My gut told me to look up at the night sky and I saw a shiny star in the night sky which made me miraculously feel better instantly. I stopped hyperventilating and I wasn’t panicking anymore after that incident."

"I love astronomy as I believe that the sky is my lucky star that will guide me in accomplishing my goals. I feel motivated by the sky to work hard and succeed for my O Levels this year," she added.

Now, if you are keen to witness this alignment for yourself, you can also do so from 6am- 6.20am tomorrow (June 26). Check out this post by Stargazing Singapore for more information:

Image courtesy of Charmaine Lee.