NEA makes police report after man caught smoking at void deck swears at its officers

The man has been charged for the smoking offence.

Belmont Lay | June 28, 2022, 11:49 AM

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The National Environment Agency has made a police report after a man who was caught smoking at a void deck in Jurong West used vulgarities against two enforcement officers.

A video of the incident, shot by the man caught smoking, was uploaded online and made its way to Facebook.

Today reported that the incident took place on June 22 in the vicinity of Block 908 Jurong West Street 91.

What happened

The agency said in response to Today's queries: “NEA is aware that a video of two NEA enforcement officers engaging a subject who was caught smoking in a prohibited place is circulating online.”

The enforcement officers had observed the man smoking in a prohibited place at the HDB void deck and identified themselves before informing him of the offence he had committed, the agency said.

“During the engagement, the subject used vulgarities on our officers,” NEA added.

It was also revealed that the man has been charged for the smoking offence and the matter is pending hearing in the courts.

What video showed

In the video, the man caught smoking could be heard saying off-camera while filming: "No, no, no, my question is, why we cannot smoke under the block?"

In response, one of the NEA officers said: "This one is the Singapore law."

The man retorted: "Before the law, there is a reason behind, right? Am I right?"

No vulgarities were heard throughout the 98-second clip.

The man then turned to the other NEA officer and asked which country he is from.

The man said: "You Malaysian, you come one side. You come from Malaysia, want to catch Singaporeans."

He added, when the other NEA officer did not respond: "You Malaysian, you come here earn money. Now, you NEA officer. You Malaysian. Now I ask you: Why can't we smoke under the block?"

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