Melissa Faith Yeo not backing down from Andie Chen claims despite potential legal case from Kate Pang

Double down.

Mandy How | June 12, 2022, 02:32 PM

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Despite reports of Kate Pang potentially suing if the matter gets blown up further, Melissa Faith Yeo is not backing down from her claims about Andie Chen.

For those who are new here, there are three people involved in this saga:

  • Andie Chen, actor, husband to Kate Pang
  • Kate Pang, actress, wife to Andie Chen
  • Melissa Faith Yeo, former actor/model, real estate agent, Andie Chen's ex

What happened

In late-May to early-June, Yeo dished out claims about Chen, saying that he had alluded to her cheating to the press as he "needed the clout" and "pity votes" for his Best Actor nomination at Star Awards 11 years ago.

She also alleged that she had an emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend at the time.

In response, Pang advised Yeo to let go of the past and live her life, but added that she might sue if the matter gets out of hand.

Yeo: Hypocrisy and misogyny in the media

That potential consequence, however, does not seem to bother Yeo, who doubled down with another TikTok on June 9, 2022.

Yeo was responding to a commenter who accused her of dredging up the past for fame.

"Hey guys, a few days ago, I spoke about my experience in the media industry. Spilled some tea, named a few names. No, sorry, I actually only named one name, technically. A few organisations, musical.

But the only one name that I didn't put out, I'm getting a lot of hate and vitriol for."

Yeo went on to rebuke the commenter, and thanked those who had offered their support.

"Thank you for being discerning enough to see what this really is all about, apart from being sold out. And we don't have to deal with the consequences if there weren't double standards, hypocrisy, and misogyny in the media industry."

While one could continue to debate if Chen's actions were deliberate or not, Yeo continued, it was her career, reputation, and mental health that had suffered.

Yeo assured followers that she was "okay" and had waited until now to speak about it as she wanted to make sure that she was in the right headspace and right place in life, so that she could see it from an objective point of view without getting emotional.

She ended her TikTok with some light musing: "I also feel like we should embrace our past. We shouldn't run away from it, or be afraid of it, because it is the past that makes us who we are today. As cliche as it is."

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Top image via Kate Pang's Instagram, Melissa Faith Yeo's TikTok