Large group of at least 40 cyclists cuts in front of bus at Telok Blangah road

Tour de Telok Blangah.

Lean Jinghui | June 29, 2022, 04:05 PM

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A large group of cyclists was seen on the road in Singapore on Jun. 25 night.

According to a video posted to Facebook group SG Road Vigilante, the herd of cyclists was spotted cycling en masse at Telok Blangah Road.

The cyclists were reportedly part of "Mega Mass Ride" – a cycling endurance event in Singapore.

At least 40 cyclists were spotted.

Cyclists cut in front of bus and taxi

At the beginning of the video, the tail end of the group of cyclists could be seen cutting into the bus lane as the bus is signalling to exit from the bus stop.

The video appears to have been taken by an individual aboard another bus.

The bus slowed down, and the camera panned to show the herd of cyclists taking up the entire lane.

Via SG Road Vigilante Facebook

The group of cyclists subsequently proceeded to hog the two left-most lanes of the four-lane road.

As the group took up the left-most lane entirely, another bus was seen having to wait for the group to pass before it could exit the bus stop.

Via SG Road Vigilante Facebook

A cyclist was subsequently seen narrowly swerving around a ComfortDelGro taxi, filtering left to exit the main road.

The taxi could be seen braking to avoid the cyclist.

Via SG Road Vigilante Facebook

In response to the video, several users criticised the riders.

Via @ascentbikes.official Instagram

Via @ascentbikes.official Instagram

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), current regulations state that on-road cyclists can cycle in a single file only, if cycling in bus lanes during bus lane operation hours.

Outside of bus lane operation hours, the relevant on-road cycling rules apply.

When the bus lane operates as a regular road, only a maximum of five cyclists are allowed to cycle in a group, if the group is riding single-file, or a maximum of 10 cyclists if the group is riding two abreast.

This regulation has been imposed since January 2022.

Local bike group says they're not associated with the event

Following the incident, Ascent Bikes, a local bike shop, has issued a clarification on the matter in an Instagram story.

According to the shop, their logo had been featured in the video, which they claimed was done without their consent.

Ascent Bikes added that they were not involved in planning the Mega Mass Ride event, as much as they appreciated the "sense of community" created through riding in groups.

The shop also stressed that they supported a "law-abiding" use of the road, including respecting traffic rules and group size limits.

Here's the statement:

Via @ascentbikes.official Instagram

Top images via SG Road Vigilante Facebook