Man caught on CCTV casually stealing durian from Jurong East stall

"Hope you able to see this post for our gentle reminder," wrote the fruit vendor on Facebook.

Andrew Koay | June 25, 2022, 04:31 PM

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A man in Singapore has found himself in spikey circumstances after he was caught on CCTV stealing a durian.

Jurong East durian vendor HoJiak Durian and Fruits took to Facebook with a video of the incident which appears to have taken place on Jun. 22 at 5:12am.

A middle-aged-looking man can be seen walking past the fruit shop which has covered up its stands with tarpaulin.

As he strolls across the front of the store, the man looks down at the baskets of durians before looking back and forth — likely scouting for passers-by.

Once he's scoped out the premises, he doubles back and tugs on a brown sheet atop a black plastic basket, uncovering a bunch of durians.

He then nonchalantly scoops one up and walks off cradling the king of fruits in his arms.

"Halo uncle, I'm not sure if you're a first time or a repeat offender (sic)," wrote HoJiak Durian and Fruits on Facebook.

The fruit vendor sarcastically remarked that they'd opened their shop the next morning to find that some durians had flown away.

"Hope you able to see this post for our gentle reminder," they wrote.

"Don't do it again."

Durian prices plunging

While it may come as no consolation to HoJiak Durian and Fruits, they will likely be able to replenish their durian stocks at relatively affordable prices these days.

That's thanks to a surplus of the fruit being imported from Malaysia which has seen prices for durians across the board plunging.

A durian stall at Block 156 Bukit Batok Street 11 was seen selling Musang King durians for S$12 per kg — less than half the price such fruits have gone for in the past.

Top image from HoJiak Durian and Fruit's Facebook page