M'sian man delivers food on motorcycle with his baby strapped to chest

Hustling father wins praise.

Belmont Lay | June 23, 2022, 03:17 PM

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A Malaysian man was filmed bringing his baby along while he did food deliveries on a motorcycle to earn more money for the family.

A video about the dedicated father with a baby strapped to his torso was shared on Instagram and Facebook on June 16 by a celebrity preacher Ebit Lew .

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Why bring baby along?

According to the man doing deliveries, his wife could not take care of the baby because of her job at a clothing boutique.

To cope with the financial challenges at home, the man decided to become a food delivery rider by utilising a motorcycle he borrowed from his in-laws.

He chose to take his baby along with him during his deliveries because there was no one else to take care of the child.

The video showed him alighting to collect food and walking up a flight of stairs to make the delivery -- all the while with a baby in tow.

“I felt sad when I saw a video of this brother carrying his child while working as a food delivery rider,” Lew said in his Facebook post.

“They don’t have enough money, he was crying when we met earlier today."

Bought the man a motorcycle

Lew subsequently took the man to buy his own motorcycle and said he would pay for a nanny so that the father can make deliveries every day without a baby on him.

“At the point when we think we are struggling, others might have it worse,” Lew wrote.

“When he was given a motorbike, we can see his tears and it makes us feel more grateful.”

One commenter online praised the father: "Brother, you are a great man, I can see that you are sincere in taking care of your child."

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