M'sia says export ban includes frozen meat & chicken products like nuggets, patties & sausages

With effect from June 1.

Kayla Wong | June 02, 2022, 02:57 PM

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In a statement issued on Wednesday (June 1), the Malaysian government stressed that its export ban of chicken products to Singapore includes not only live poultry, but also whole carcasses, as well as chilled and frozen meat.

In addition, chicken-based products, such as nuggets, patties and sausages, are included in the export ban.

The ban took effect from June 1.

Earlier on May 23, Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob had announced the export ban on 3.6 million chickens in an effort to address the country's shortage of poultry supply.

The announcement was met with a mad frenzy for shoppers in Singapore as they rushed to procure their supply of fresh chickens before the ban kicks in.

The chicken ban came after the Malaysian government met with 12 of the country's biggest poultry producers to discuss local supply, following a cabinet meeting that discussed the ban, according to The Edge Markets.

The ban was part of a series of measures by Malaysia that aims to ease domestic price increases due to a recent jump in global food prices, partly brought about by the war in Ukraine.

The move is likely to affect businesses and consumers in Singapore as chicken prices are expected to rise.

Singapore relies on Malaysia for one-third of chicken supplies

Singapore relies heavily on imported food. According to statistics from the Singapore Food Agency, it imports a third (34 per cent) of its chicken from Malaysia. Brazil contributes the bulk its imports with 48 per cent, while the U.S. makes up 8 per cent.

Businesses that typically use live chickens for their products will also be impacted.

Foo Kui Lian, the first-gen owner of the popular Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice stall at Maxwell Food Centre told Mothership that they will not use frozen chickens to prepare their poached chickens, although it is possible to do so for roasted chicken.

The quality of a poached chicken made with frozen chicken has a noticeable difference, Foo said.

Previously, it was thought that free-range, or kampung, chickens might still be allowed into Singapore, as Scott Ang, a spokesperson for Aqina Farm, told CNA that this might be possible after talks with the Malaysian authorities.

The chicken production operator, however, later confirmed that these chickens will not be allowed into Singapore after all, Bloomberg reported, citing The Business Times.

The Singapore government has reassured the public that Singapore has an adequate supply of frozen chicken, and so there's no need to hoard.

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