Beagle lost in Sentosa found & rescued from drain after it was missing for 2 days

The one-year-old beagle was had broken off from her harness after getting spooked by fireworks.

Low Jia Ying | June 23, 2022, 10:26 AM

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A beagle that went missing at Sentosa on Jun. 12 was found two days later in a drain along Imbiah Walk and rescued by a couple while they were longboarding on the island.

A video uploaded to TikTok by user @nqbah_que, who goes by Que, detailed the rescue attempt and the dog's heartwarming reunion with her owners.

Dog runs off after getting spooked by fireworks at beach

The dog, a one-year-old beagle named Lady, had apparently gotten spooked and ran away after fireworks went off at the beach.

The harness she was wearing had also broken off in the process, her owner said in a Facebook post.

Photo via Eric Chia/Facebook.

After she went missing, her family spent "hours" searching for Lady at Sentosa over the two days she was missing, to no avail.

At one point — on the advice of an "animal communicator" who told them Lady was sitting and hiding near a big tree in the forest — they even organised a mass search party to look for Lady in a "highly dense forest" in Sentosa, according to another one of Lady's owners named Eric Chia.

Photo via Eric Chia/Facebook.

Thankfully, the search party was not needed as she was found a day before the scheduled hike by Que and his girlfriend in Sentosa.

Couple lures dog from hiding with treats

Over several comments on his TikTok video, Que wrote that the couple saw a woman trying to lift a drain grill.

They stopped to help the woman open the grill, and saw Lady, who seemed "traumatised and hungry".

via @nqbah_que/TikTok.

Que's girlfriend had prepared some dog treats and a leash before visiting Sentosa, as she knew there was a lost dog on the island.

She threw the treats down to Lady, who promptly ate them.

They also tried to maintain a sense of calm so the dog would not run off again.

via @nqbah_que/TikTok.

Que wrote that Lady's owner was contacted through a Telegram group for lost and found pets and they immediately rushed down.

Once there, the owner climbed down into the drain and used a leash that that Que's girlfriend had brought to rescue Lady.

Finally reunited, dog receives head scratches and cuddles

The pup was treated to lots of head scratches and cuddles upon her rescue.

via @nqbah_que/TikTok.

Chia wrote on Facebook that he'd brought Lady to see a vet after the ordeal.

Photo via Eric Chia/Facebook.

Apart from an increased sensitivity to sounds, Lady got by relatively unscathed.

She was prescribed some cleaning solution, calming pills, and antiseptic cream for her minor wounds.

"All is well," wrote Chia.

Top photo via @nqbah_que/TikTok and Eric Chia/Facebook