Hong Kong's Jumbo Floating Restaurant capsizes in South China Sea just days after it was towed away

A watery grave.

Belmont Lay | June 21, 2022, 01:24 AM

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Hong Kong’s legendary Jumbo Floating Restaurant has capsized in the South China Sea just days after it was towed away from the city, Associated Press reported.

The shocking news comes six days after the vessel was towed away on June 14.

The vessel sunk on June 19.


Its parent company, Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises Ltd said on Monday, June 21, that the floating eatery encountered “adverse conditions” on Saturday as it was passing the Xisha Islands, also known as the Paracel Islands, in the South China Sea.

Water entered the vessel and it began to tip.

On Sunday, the vessel capsized.

No one was injured, it was revealed, but efforts to save the vessel failed.

"As the water depth at the scene is over 1,000 meters," the statement said, it makes it "extremely difficult to carry out salvage works."

The company "is very saddened by this accident”.

Watery grave

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant was almost 80m (260 feet) in length.

It was a landmark in Hong Kong for 46 years and served Cantonese cuisine to over 3 million guests.

The company had said it planned to move it to a lower-cost site where maintenance could be carried out.

The exact location of the new site was not disclosed before though.

Prior to its departure, the vessel had been thoroughly inspected by marine engineers, the company said.

“The company is now getting further details of the accident from the towing company,” the statement said.


News of the restaurant leaving Hong Kong was announced on May 30.

This was after a new operator could not be found for the ship and there was no berth to moor it.

The iconic restaurant’s kitchen barge had capsized on May 31.

The parent company cited a lack of funds to maintain the restaurant’s structural integrity amid a three-month shutdown.

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