'I'm interested in lifts!': Man argues with woman in Hougang Mall lift after she tells him to delete video

He claimed to be a "lift enthusiast".

Syahindah Ishak | June 18, 2022, 09:15 PM

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A man in Singapore, who claims to be a "lift enthusiast", got into a small verbal dispute with a woman in a lift at Hougang Mall.

The moment was caught on camera by the man himself as he was filming a five-minute video of the cargo lift.

The video, which he titled "1997 Otis Spec 90 Lift + Crazy Lady - Hougang Mall", was uploaded onto his YouTube channel PotatoLift1 on Jun. 15.

Here it is:

Throughout the video, the man can be seen pressing the lift buttons and holding the door open as other people entered and left the lift.

Woman did not want to be in the video

At around the 5:11 minute mark, two women entered the lift as the man continued to film the video.

After the door closed, the man panned his camera, showing one of the women who was dressed in a red shirt.

The woman asked the man: "What are you filming?"

The man simply replied: "The lift."

The woman subsequently said: "But I'm in the photo. Can you re-film the thing?"

When the man refused, the woman became slightly frustrated and told him to delete his recording instead.

The man then vehemently replied: "No!"

The woman continued to stand her ground, and the man offered to cut her out of his video.

However, the woman insisted that the man delete his entire recording.

She also asked him why he was filming the video, to which he replied: "I'm filming the lift because I'm interested in lifts!"

Another woman asked, "Maintenance?", to which the lift enthusiast replied, "No, I'm interested in lifts."

The video then abruptly ended.

Woman apparently wanted to call the police

The man later shared the video to adminsgfollowsalll's Instagram page.

He explained that he wanted to share his side of the story as the woman had apparently filmed him and "wanted to call the police".

The man said, as posted on adminsgfollowsalll's Instagram caption:

"For context I am a lift enthusiast. I was filming the lift at Hougang Mall around 6.30pm for 5 mins alr, then she came in and started asking me to delete the whole video just because her face was captured on it for a few seconds. I offered to cut her out but she still refused and tried to make me delete it. I refused as I had already spent 5 minutes filming and the lift was very busy.

Then she started filming me and wanted to call the police. I ended up getting away but decided to post my side online in case anything happens."

The Instagram post was met with backlash as many felt that the man was being unnecessarily aggressive and harsh towards the woman.

Some also found his interest in lifts to be slightly peculiar.

The man later responded to the backlash in the comments section of his original YouTube video.

Top images via PotatoLift1/YouTube.