E-bike delivery rider in Sengkang, honked at repeatedly, challenges car to run his ride over


Belmont Lay | June 10, 2022, 06:44 PM

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A food delivery rider utilising an electric bicycle in Sengkang was caught on camera cutting off a car on the right-hand lane of a two-lane road, getting honked at repeatedly, and then challenging the driver to run his ride over.

The antics of the delivery rider was caught on camera.

The video of the rider was put up on Facebook on June 9.

The caption of the video said the incident occurred at about 2pm earlier that day.

The circumstances of the stand-off were recorded on video.

Left lane unpassable due to stationary truck

Footage showed the left-hand lane of the two-lane road in the Buangkok estate unpassable to traffic due to the presence of a truck parked curbside.

A double decker bus was seen trying to filter right but was blocked from doing so as the e-bike rider cut right first and travelled to the side of it and ahead of the car recording the scene.

This caused the car to honk repeatedly.

Instead of filtering left or slowing down, the e-biker rider stuck to the middle of the right-hand lane and appeared to take his time to cycle on the road.

This led to more honking.

Stopped completely

The rider then stopped completely, put his e-bike stand down, and got off to the left to stand beside the stationary truck.

He then gestured for the driver to run his e-bike over as he stood on the road with his arms crossed.

He eventually got back onto his bicycle, showed a rude gesture, and rode off, while still on the right-hand lane.

A second video apparently showed the same rider in Punggol earlier in May riding recklessly while turning right, and causing the car recording the scene to brake to avoid a collision.


Responses to the video were mainly critical of the e-bike rider, but commenters also expressed that they were tickled by his antics.

Some of those who commented said the driver should not have been so quick to use the honk.

Others said the car and rider should have slowed down and given way to each other, as there was enough room for both road users to pass the stationary truck with enough safe distance between them.

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