Hundreds of eggs spill out of lorry at Paya Lebar, passers-by help clean mess


Ashley Tan | June 14, 2022, 05:57 PM

A mishap involving a lorry at Paya Lebar left hundreds of eggs broken on the road.

A Mothership reader, Sandy, shared that she witnessed the aftermath of the accident on June 11 at around 3:10pm, at the junction of Paya Lebar Road, Geylang Road and Guillemard Road.

A lorry ferrying trays of eggs had turned right from Geylang Road to Paya Lebar Road.

Sandy speculated that the lorry's side door was not latched properly, which resulted in the trays of eggs toppling and spilling onto the road during the turn.

However, the driver was apparently unaware of the loss of his goods, and drove on.

Eggs everywhere

As the eggs had mostly fallen onto the second lane of the road, most vehicles turning right tried to avoid the mess on the ground.

Sandy, who works at TMC Academy, which is located directly in front of the traffic junction, shared that her colleague was waiting at the pedestrian crossing when the incident occurred.

The colleague then called on her and other TMC Academy staff to help clear the eggs off the road.

Video courtesy of Sandy

Aside from the five TMC Academy staff who helped to clear the eggs, four students from the school and three motorcyclists lent a hand as well.

Photo courtesy of Sandy

Photo courtesy of Sandy

The broken eggs were retrieved and placed in garbage bags, and the unbroken eggs collected and placed back in the trays.

Sandy noted that "quite a lot" of eggs were still intact.

Around 20 to 25 minutes after the incident, the lorry driver returned to the scene. He then collected the broken and unbroken eggs and left.

Photo courtesy of Sandy

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