Durians in S'pore to be cheaper due to bountiful M'sia supply & favourable weather

Get ready the salt water and durian husks.

Belmont Lay | June 14, 2022, 03:56 PM

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The 2022 durian season is here and Singaporeans looking forward to gorging on the tropical fruit can start cheering: Prices are set to plunge and durians across the board should get cheaper.

This is according to 8 World, which interviewed local durian sellers who have welcomed shipments of quality durians originating from two states in Malaysia, which are distributed island-wide here.

Reasons for cheaper durian

The current durian season is expected to last till August or September.

The bountiful durian supply comes from Johor and Pahang in Malaysia, and is the result of a combination of good weather conditions, which has led to an increase in the supply of durians, along with lowered demand for the fruit in Malaysia.

According to one durian seller, the durian season usually begins in June in Johor and in July in Pahang.

Due to favourable weather conditions, there's been a bumper crop in Johor and the fruit in Pahang have become ready for harvest ahead of schedule.

According to people in the durian industry, the price of musang king durian has already dropped over a two-week period, 8 World reported.

Just a fortnight ago, news reports were largely lamenting the higher costs of durian shipping and production owing to labour shortages and a host of post-pandemic issues.

Currently, the price of musang king durians has dropped to as low as S$20 per kg, which is S$5 per kg cheaper than two weeks ago.

Customers at a Toa Payoh durian stall were already seen eating decent grades of durians going for S$40, they told 8 World.

Durians from Pahang delivered in evening

8 World also reported on the daily delivery timings: Apparently, durians from Johor are delivered to stalls in Singapore in the afternoon, while durians from Pahang are delivered in the evening.

Although not explained, the reason for the different timings is understood to be due to the further distance that durians originating in Pahang have to travel down the Malaysia peninsula to get to Singapore.

Prices could get lower

One durian seller said the price plunge now is the result of durian supplies coming from Pahang and Johor simultaneously.

At this rate, prices are low -- with a chance of getting lower.

He said: "This is the cheapest time to eat. It may get cheaper if there is more supply. The price may fall again, depending on supply.”

Durian sellers engage in cutthroat pricing

Separately, Shin Min Daily News reported on June 13 that four stalls selling durian in Marine Parade are undercutting one another and pushing prices down.

These sellers have engaged in cutthroat pricing, where each musang king durian is sold for between S$5 and S$8, with each customer limited to two or three durians, depending on the promotion.

It is understood that each stall has a limited amount of durians sold for cheap to draw customers in, and that they are welcome to purchase other fruits -- including red prawn durians and larger musang king durians at non-promotional prices -- with no restrictions on quantity.

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