Over 100 Dachshunds at S'pore Botanic Gardens for International Doxie Day

Wieners, wieners everywhere.

Fiona Tan | June 21, 2022, 06:02 PM

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Over 100 Dachshunds recently attended a sausage fest – Doxie Day Out – at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

In celebration of International Doxie Day

The short-legged and long-bodied canine go by multiple names: wiener dog, badger dog, sausage dog and doxie.

On June 18, 2022, around 120 to 130 wiener dogs of all sizes, colours and variations from all over the island linked up to celebrate and pawty at Symphony Lake in Singapore Botanic Gardens in anticipation of the upcoming International Doxie Day, which is on June 21, 2022.

Here are some of the doxies in attendance:

Smooth-haired doxies

Image from @thetrufflestrail/Instagram.

Image from @hotdogs.loki.thor/Instagram.

Long-haired doxies

Image from @kokothedox/Instagram.

Image from @ awarmpupofhojichia/Instagram.

Pride doxies

Image courtesy of Ng Rui Sin.

Photo bombing doxies

Video courtesy of Ng Rui Sin.

Fashion forward doxies

Image from @rootbeercola.thehotdogs/Instagram.

Image from @ttangkongchan/Instagram.

There's always that one friend doxie

Image from @kokothedox/Instagram.

Image from @ttangkongchan/Instagram.

Hyperactive doxies

Video courtesy of Ng Rui Sin.

Image from @hey.konnyaku/Instagram.

Image from @hey.konnyaku/Instagram.

Not so hyperactive doxies

Image from @kokothedox/Instagram.

Image from @ pie_the_doxie/Instagram.

Cockapoo (cocker spaniel mixed with poodle) pretending to be doxie

Image from @b.bambi_thecockapoo/Instagram.

Biggest doxie event

Speaking to Mothership, 26-year-old Ng Rui Sin said this is one of the biggest Dachshund event that she knows of so far.

The gathering started as an impromptu idea within Ng's Telegram group, where 18 pawrents RSVP-ed their attendance by June 8.

This number grew to over 50 respondents by the time June 18 drew nearer.

Ng was blown away by the overwhelming turnout on the event day itself, where more than 100 wiener dogs attended the sausage fest, alongside other breeds such as poodles and border collies.

Image courtesy of Ng Rui Sin.

Those interested can join community

While there are no immediate plans for another large-scale gathering soon, Ng said many of the owners hope to meet for International Doxie Day next year.

Video courtesy of Ng Rui Sin.

Dachshund owners can arrange playdates and attend events with other sausage dog owners by joining the local doxie community on Facebook.

Bonus good doggos

Video courtesy of Ng Rui Sin.

Corgi Con 2022

Top image from Instagram by @rootbeercola.thehotdogs and @kokothedox/Instagram