Shiba Inu dog in China runs 8km back home after owner with fur allergy gives it away

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Alfie Kwa | June 02, 2022, 02:04 PM

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A Shiba Inu in China ran 8km from its new home back to its previous owner after the dog was given up and adopted.

The tearful reunion brought both the owner and dog to tears.

Giving the dog to a friend

Image taken [email protected]/Douyin.

A Douyin user shared in a post that she has had her dog, called Saisai, for about seven to eight years now in Heilongjiang, China.

In a video, she explained that she suffers from severe asthma and was hospitalised.

That was when she discovered she is allergic to dog fur.

This forced her to give Saisai to a friend who lives 8km away from her, according to the South China Morning Post.

Run all the way back

Image taken [email protected]/Douyin.

One night, she heard noises in her yard and when she opened the door, she found Saisai there waiting for her.

In a video posted, she said to Saisai: "Dear, how did you come back? I heard a noise but I didn't realise it was you."

Saisai was wagging its tail as it greeted its owner.

She patted its head and told it not to cry, but the owner herself can be heard sniffling.

The owner believed that Saisai ran for about two hours to get back home and when it arrived, it drank lots of water.

Never leaving again

Image taken [email protected]/Douyin.

The owner shared in another video that Saisai is back by her side and will not be sending it away ever again.

She also told viewers to not worry about Saisai running from home again and has even fenced up her yard.

She'll also be going for medical checkups and seeking treatment for her allergies as she continues to care for Saisai.

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Top images taken [email protected] /Douyin.