Jade Rasif praises David Beckham for helping to clear stage & going out of his way to greet fans


Fasiha Nazren | June 19, 2022, 03:31 PM

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In case you didn't know, football superstar David Beckham was in town.

He flew down to Singapore for a closed-door event at the Adidas Singapore Brand Centre Orchard on Jun. 17.

The event was attended by local personalities like Jade Rasif, Christabel Chua and Ikhsan Fandi.

Even though it was a closed-door event, a huge crowd flocked outside the outlet to catch a glimpse of Beckham.

And it seems like the former England national footballer left quite the impression on many Singaporeans, including Jade.

Floored by Beckham

In an Instagram post by Jade on Jun. 18, she shared several nice things Beckham had done after the event.

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A post shared by Jade Rasif (~˘▾˘)~ (@djjaderasif)

For one, the celebrity was seen helping to move furniture as the staff was clearing the stage.

"When it was time to clear the stage, David saw the staff lifting the chairs to clear the stage. I noticed he left the line up, and when I turned around I realised he was helping the staff move the furniture."

Although there was no meet-and-greet session, Jade added that Beckham went out of his way and walked outside the outlet to greet fans who had been waiting outside and thank them for their support.

Humble man

Jade also shared that she and Chua knew that the world-famous soccer player was tired, and so they "did not want to impose by asking him for photos".

However, Beckham apparently went out of his holding room to look for them, gave them the "warmest hugs" and had a chat before he rushed off for his next appointment.

She ended her post by saying that Beckham is "the personification of my favourite quote, 'Work hard, stay humble.'"

Top image from @djjaderasif and Syahindah Ishak.