Adults called out for letting young boy steer BMW along road in Katong

Children in such positions take the place of the airbag.

Irwan Shah | May 31, 2022, 07:00 PM

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Starting young is the way to go to cultivate habits of highly effective people, but driving a car while underage is definitely not one of them.

A couple in Singapore has been slammed after their Instagram Story showing a young boy being allowed to steer a car was posted on the Facebook community group, SG Road Vigilante.

Young boy steered car

The video showed a young boy with his hands on a BMW's steering wheel while driving along Goodman Road in the Katong area.

Screenshot from SG Road Vigilante Facebook page.

While the adult driver's hands were seen holding onto the boy's hands, there were times in the video this was not the case.

The adult driver could be heard saying: "Whoa, why [are] you so good? Can teach me".

The woman filming the video, perhaps jokingly, said: "Wah, cannot go so fast. I'm very scared."

The car was travelling at over 60km/h before slowing down to 7km/h. Screenshot from SG Road Vigilante Facebook page.

From the video, it appeared that the vehicle was going at about 60km/h before the driver slowed down to almost 7km/h at the T-junction of Goodman Road and Boscombe Road.

Covered some distance

Based on a quick search on Google Maps, the car seemed to have travelled a significant distance.

It started near Chelsea Lodge, where the car was moving at about 60km/h.

Screenshot of Chelsea Lodge along Goodman Road. Screenshot from Google Maps.

The car slowed down at the T-junction shown below.

Screenshot of T-junction between Goodman Road and Boscombe Road. Screenshot from Google Maps.

Chelsea Lodge is circled in the screenshot below, marking the distance from the building to the T-junction.

Screenshot of the distance between the T-junction and Chelsea Lodge. Screenshot from Google Maps.

Negative reactions

Many commenters online shared their disapproval, with some saying that the family "chose to endanger" other road users.

Screenshot from SG Road Vigilante Facebook page.

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Top photo from SG Vigilante Facebook page.