Woman filmed screaming at & kicking young boy at Boon Keng, police investigating

The boy can be seen holding his hands up in defence.

Ashley Tan | May 13, 2022, 01:36 PM

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Update on May 13, 4:40pm: This story was updated to include more information from the original poster.

A woman in Singapore was caught on camera scolding and kicking a boy in public.

A brief clip posted to Facebook on May 12 showed the pair standing on the grass verge along McNair Road in Boon Keng.

Boy flinches

The original poster told Mothership she had filmed the video through the window of her house.

She shared that the incident happened around 3pm. She was working at home when she heard continuous screaming from outside for around five minutes.

In the video, the woman could be heard screaming at the boy, though what she was saying was not discernible.

The woman then aimed a kick at the side of the boy's leg, and he immediately attempted to move away.

Photo from Facebook

Photo from Facebook

He moved further away while holding his hands up in front of him, and flinched when the woman pointed at him.

The original poster wrote in her caption that the boy appeared as if he "gets hit" on a regular basis, from the way he flinched.

Photo from Facebook

Photo from Facebook 

Confronted the woman and boy

It is uncertain if the woman is the boy's mother.

The original poster told Mothership that she stopped filming soon after, and left her house to ask the pair if there was anything wrong.

The woman and the boy did not reply when she asked them what their names were and where they lived.

The woman eventually gestured to the boy to leave. The original poster watched them walk towards Balestier Road.

She noted that throughout the incident, no one else intervened.

She added that as a mother herself, she found it "heartbreaking" to see how the boy was treated, but she also felt sympathetic to the woman, who appeared "really stressed out and upset".

Police reached out

Commenters were enraged by the woman's actions, and highlighted that the woman could be treating the boy even worse behind closed doors.

The original poster subsequently updated her post to share that the Singapore police  contacted her, and will be investigating the situation.

The police reached out at around 11pm yesterday to ask her for further details, she told Mothership.

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Top photo from Facebook