Father of missing M'sian woman clarifies rumours, pleads for daughter's return on Wang Lei's livestream

He said there has been no evidence that she had left Malaysia or was kidnapped.

Low Jia Ying | May 04, 2022, 02:56 PM

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Veteran getai singer and livestream host Wang Lei invited the father of the missing Malaysian woman, Chia Min Yong, to his livestream on May 3 to clarify rumours surrounding her disappearance.

The two were joined by the father's boss, who had offered RM100,000 (S$32,286) for Min Yong's return.

Father and boss did not know Wang Lei before ordeal

In the video, Wang said in Mandarin that he wanted "the whole of Malaysia and Singapore" to be clear on what had transpired after the disappearance of the 22-year-old woman.

He explained that he had invited the woman's father and his boss onto the livestream as he believed it was better for the public to hear from them directly rather than from him.

The boss, who introduced himself as Jay, clarified that he and the father did not know Wang before this ordeal and that they had never met him before the livestream on May 3.

Instead, they had gotten acquainted on Apr. 8, when he came to know of his employee's daughter's disappearance and reached out to Wang for help in making a public appeal.

Jay said that Wang agreed to do so "without any hesitation" and went live on Facebook the following day, offering a cash reward to anyone who manages to find her.

No proof that daughter was kidnapped or trapped in Myanmar

The woman's father, Chia, also addressed the public on the livestream.

Chia said that his family did not go to Myanmar to look for his daughter and that there was no record of his daughter even leaving the country, based on police investigations.

He also said that he had not been contacted by the three Malaysian "datuks" who claimed that his daughter was detained in Myanmar.

On his part, Wang emphasised that it was not confirmed what exactly happened to the woman, and there has been no evidence to suggest that she was kidnapped or in Myanmar.

After enquiring with Chia about his occupation, the livestream host felt that there was no reason for kidnappers to target Chia's daughter, as he works in the renovation sector and does not earn much.

He also confirmed with Chia that his daughter did not argue with anyone in the family prior to her disappearance.

Father pleads for daughter's return

In one part of the video, Chia showed a handwritten note previously given to him by Min Yong, an item he has since kept in his wallet.

The note included her well wishes for her father and her promise to work hard to earn money, so that her father no longer has to work in Singapore and their whole family can live together.

Chia made a direct plea to his daughter to quickly return home, before tearing up and choking on his words.

Wang similarly called on the woman to quickly return home, or at least inform her father of her whereabouts.

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