Voices For Animals founder slams S'pore influencer's request for puppy sponsorship


Mandy How | May 14, 2022, 08:55 PM

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Derrick Tan, founder of dog rescue group Voices For Animals (VFA), has shamed a local influencer online for requesting a puppy sponsorship.

In a Facebook post on May 10, Tan uploaded a screenshot of a message, in which an influencer was reportedly asking him for a "collaboration".

In return for a puppy of her choice, the influencer would post one Instagram carousel post (multiple photos in a single post), one Instagram Story, as well as share the carousel to her Stories.

The reason for her request was to look for a buddy for her current dog, the influencer explained.

She added in her message that companies typically sponsor products and provide a remuneration.

Photo via Derrick Tan/Facebook

Responding to the message on his own social media pages, Tan said the "influencer" had "no shame" in asking for such a thing.

Upon checking her profile, Tan realised that she only had 5 per cent of his following, which stood at 5,446 Instagram followers and 23,257 Facebook followers at time of writing.

"[...] Since the influencer wants such attention, we give it to her. That could potentially up the following…."

However, Tan did not name the influencer, or even reveal her gender — initially.

Unsurprisingly, online users took the side of Tan, and strongly criticised the influencer for her request.

Follow-up post

The following day (May 11), Tan wrote another post, accusing the same influencer of selling puppies.

Photo via Derrick Tan/Facebook

"[You're a] female entrepreneur in the making," Tan said.

While he still did not disclose the influencer's identity, Tan warned other owners who are looking for collaborations to be "extra cautious" about who they are working with.

Finally, for the third time, also on May 11, Tan posted a clarification from the influencer, who said she was not selling the puppies, but was merely helping a store to promote theirs.

Photo via Derrick Tan/Facebook

Top image via Derrick Tan/Facebook and Instagram