Traffic Police stop convoy of at least 10 motorcycles at Geylang Serai, warn against illegal convoys over long weekend

"Woop-woop, that's the sound of the police."

Fiona Tan | May 02, 2022, 01:39 PM

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A convoy of at least 10 motorcyclists was stopped in its tracks at Geylang Serai recently, according to a video that is circulating online.

Convoy travelling along Changi Road

The convoy of motorcycles was presumably headed towards the direction of Geylang Serai Bazaar along Changi Road to kick off the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri festivities.

In the video, which was posted on the Singapore Road Accident Facebook page, a chorus of horns can be heard right before the sound of wailing police sirens disrupted the lively atmosphere, effectively cutting short the convoy's celebrations just outside of Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre.

The sound of jeering can be heard, presumably from the onlookers nearby, and a female voice can be heard laughing and saying in disbelief: "Oh my God. What a scene."

A traffic police rider is then seen making their way towards the front of the convoy and signalling for the motorcyclists to pull over and stop by the side of the road closest to Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre.

There were at least three traffic police riders seen in the video.

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In a separate video uploaded onto the Singapore Incidents Instagram page, passers-by can be seen watching the spectacle on the opposite side of the road, where Joo Chiat complex is located.

Traffic came to a standstill on at least one of the lanes closest to Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre along Changi Road, where a group of motorcyclists can be seen waiting by their motorbikes while traffic police officers scanned their particulars.

Despite this, the mood was light and people can be heard shouting "Selamat Hari Raya" in the background.

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Traffic Police issued warning

In a Facebook post on Apr. 30, the Traffic Police said they were "aware of individuals and groups organising different gatherings with plans for vehicles travelling in a convoy at different locations, dates and times in Singapore especially over this long weekend".

They warned the public that "conducting an event on any road or part thereof without a Police permit is illegal in Singapore", and said event organisers "have a responsibility to ensure that our laws are complied with".

"The Traffic Police will not hesitate to take firm action against motorists who choose to flout traffic laws," they added.

A similar event took place in the evening of Apr. 24, where a convoy of vehicles was seen travelling along along Changi Road towards Geylang Road.

The Traffic Police said three persons are currently assisting the police in investigations.

They added that those convicted of conducting such events may face a fine of S$1,000, up to three months' jail, or both.

Repeat offenders may face double the punishment which is a fine of S$2,000, up to six months' jail, or both.

You can read the Facebook post below.

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Top image screenshot from @syahkrug456/TikTok and from @singapore_incidents/Instagram