Thai woman falls 26 storeys, survives with broken legs & minor injuries

Her head remained intact.

Kayla Wong | May 17, 2022, 07:13 PM

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A Thai woman survived a fall from the 26th storey of a condominium after jumping off the balcony, according to Daily News.

The incident took place on Sunday (May 15) in Ramkhamhaeng district, Bangkok.

The woman had jumped off the building at around 2am after supposedly arguing and fighting with her boyfriend, who was a foreigner.

Rescue teams reportedly arrived at the scene within five minutes, but the woman only received treatment two hours later.

Both her legs were broken, and she sustained fractures and bruises on her body. However, she fortunately did not sustain injuries to her head.

The hospital she was first taken to, which was about 1 kilometre away from the condominium, allegedly refused to treat her as her injuries were too severe for them to handle due to limited equipment.

The woman was eventually taken to another hospital where she received treatment at 4am.

Social media users, who were angry that her treatment was delayed, speculated that it was because the medical personnel were taking a break and could not attend to her.

Some even opined that she was refused treatment as she was not rich.

Top image via อีซ้อขยี้ข่าว/Facebook