Tay Ping Hui blasts male fan who posed as school alumnus to join his basketball games

The actor said that he will not hesitate to call the police or take legal action if the harassment continues.

Matthias Ang | May 11, 2022, 02:07 PM

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Veteran actor Tay Ping Hui has called on a male fan to stop wasting his time after the latter allegedly attempted to lure the actor out for a basketball game, Shin Min Daily News reported.

Speaking to the Chinese daily, Tay said that the fan posed as an alumnus from Tay's former school and reached out to Tay's friends to join their basketball games.

"Basically, he wanted to know when we played, and he might then show up," Tay explained.

Tay to fan: Please stop wasting your time and effort on me

Tay criticised the fan's action as unproductive, saying:

"I really don't know what the other party's intention is, but I sincerely hope he will not harass me again. There are things in this world deserving of more attention and concern. Don't waste time on meaningless people. If possible, pay more attention to the people around you, especially your parents, and I will sincerely bless him."

Tay added, "I'm just an actor, do not deserve it (the attention) from the other party and he does not need to do it for me."

The actor also stressed to fans that it was not worth doing extreme actions or hurting themselves for him.

He also revealed to Shin Min Daily News that he had met the fan in question before. He told the fan to stop wasting both their time.

Tay said that should the fan continue to harass him, he will not hesitate to call the police or take legal action to protect himself, his family and friends.

Not the first time he has been harassed by a fan

This is not the first time Tay has been harassed by a fan.

In 2016, a male fan surnamed Luo sent a note containing suicide threats to Lianhe Zaobao, for the purpose of meeting Tay.

The note, which was written in Mandarin, reportedly had bloodstains and said, in reference to Tay:

"I miss you every night, I can't sleep or eat because of you, this feeling is like loving someone to the point of infatuation..."

Luo also wrote in his note:

"If only I have a confidante by my side. How nice it would be to have someone support me mentally and care for me. Unfortunately that's not meant to be. I don't have the good fortune to be your friend. This blood that runs through my veins isn't worth anything. I'm willing to leave this world in anticipation of a better world ahead. I am grieving but I hope that you will see me often in your dreams."

At that time, Tay told Lianhe Zaobao that his family and friends had been harassed by Luo for over a year and that he had reported the matter to the police.

More recently, Shin Min Daily News further reported that it received another email this year. The email claimed that Tay will "face harassment".

A copy of the Lianhe Zaobao article on the 2016 incident was also attached to the email.

When asked by Shin Min Daily News if it could be the same person, Tay replied that he believed so and added that he was "helpless" over the matter.

As for the current incident involving the fan who attempted to ask him out for basketball, Tay said that his wife has laughed the matter off.

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Top photo via Tay Ping Hui (Zheng Bin Hui) 郑斌辉 Facebook