S'pore courier completes delivery, casually puts out raging fire in blue recycling bin & leaves

Very smooth.

Ashley Tan | May 08, 2022, 03:31 PM

One Mothership reader came forward to share about a small heroic act by the courier who recently delivered her order from Shopee.

Douses fire with hose

The courier had dropped off the package on the doorstep of the reader's flat at Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 on May 5, and then left.

Soon after, the reader's sister informed her that there was a fire behind their block. The fire appeared to have started in the blue recycling bin near the carpark.

The reader shared that the fire was rather big, and was "almost level to the second floor" of their block.

However, she observed that no one was responding or attempting to put out the fire, despite there being passers-by at a void deck funeral nearby.

While the reader was calling 995, her mother called out to her that someone was putting out the fire.

Upon looking out the window, she realised the Good Samaritan was in fact the courier she had just met.

The man stood there for five minutes with a hose he had procured and managed to successfully put out the fire.

A photo she shared showed the civic-minded man put out the fire alone:

Photo courtesy of Mothership reader

He left soon after and another five minutes later, the police and firefighters arrived.

Photo courtesy of Mothership reader

The reader shared that she did not manage to snap a photo of the fire as she was on the phone with SCDF.

She praised the courier for "stepp[ing] in when no one else would, and especially when it didn't even concern him".

She also shared that she and her family were awed by his bravery, and urged others not to take delivery personnel for granted.

"Looking back on the incident, it's really dawned on me how critical his act was; there was grass-trees around the bin and it could have easily become a lot worse," she reflected.

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Top photo courtesy of Mothership reader