Phenomenal iridescent clouds spotted around S'pore on May 24

A rare sight.

Zi Shan Kow | May 25, 2022, 12:17 PM

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Singapore was greeted with a lovely and unique cloud rainbow just before sunset on Tuesday (May 24).

A phenomenal sight

Delighted to witness the rare phenomenon, members of the Facebook group CloudSpotting & SkySpotting Singapore shared many photos of the rainbow cloud.

The vibrant rainbow peeking behind a big fluffy cloud also extended into ripples of diffused clouds.

Image by Karen Cat/FB.

Image by Karen Cat/FB.

Image by Karen Cat/FB.

Here's an unedited panoramic view of the sky:

Image by June Lim/FB.

Spotted all around Singapore

These iridescent clouds are also sometimes known as rainbow clouds or fire rainbows.

They usually appear in the late afternoon on very hot and humid days as they form on top of cumulus clouds (those big fluffy clouds).

Some of the air that gets pushed upwards condenses into tiny water droplets to form a thin ring of clouds that scatter sunlight to form rainbows.

Image by Farzanah Kanaan/FB.

Image by Gladys Lim/FB.

Image by Andrew Teo/FB.

Image by Shirley Li/FB.

The rainbow clouds looked spectacular from all corners of Singapore.

Image by Ladini Ransirini Sondarangalla/FB.

Image by BKK Bistro & Bar/IG.

Image by Nicole Marzola/FB.

In some edited photos, the sky looks like it belongs in a classical painting.

Image by Tan Sharon/FB.

Image by Tan Sharon/FB.

Image by Mirra Jalil/FB.

More pretty things in the sky

Top images by Karen Cat and Shirley Li.