Dramatic purple hued sky seen outside Toa Payoh MRT station amazes commuter


Lean Jinghui | May 01, 2022, 02:07 PM

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A commuter captured this dramatic sight of a purple-hued sky outside Toa Payoh MRT station during the early morning of Apr. 29.

Via Myke Muk K C/Facebook

Deep purple sky

Posting on the Facebook group "CloudSpotting & SkySpotting Singapore", a user called "Myke Muk K C" shared that he was met with the beautiful sky the moment he got out of Toa Payoh MRT station.

Because of the angle at which the photo was taken, it appeared as if the clouds are parting to reveal a different dimension.

Via Myke Muk K C Facebook

Another picture he posted as he walked further away from the station showed the sky turning a soft golden amber as the sun started to rise and become more prominent.

Via Myke Muk K C Facebook

Commenting on his post subsequently, he shared that the scene had been a "beautiful treat".

"I wish [I] could have stood there and watched the sky slowly change and enjoy the moment."

However, he was unable to as he needed to get to work, he said.

Why the sky changes colours

According to Science Daily, the reason a sky might change colour is because of a process called "scattering".

Scattering affects the colour of light coming from the sky, with the details determined by the wavelength of the light and the size of the particles in the air that change the direction of the light rays.

Red light has a longer wavelength, while violet or purple light has shorter wavelengths.

When the sun is low on the horizon like during sunrise or sunset, sunlight passes through more air than other times of the day when the sun is higher in the sky.

More atmosphere means more molecules to scatter the violet and blue light away from our eyes, while the other colours continue on to our eyes, resulting in sunrises or sunsets that are more often orange and red.

According to Mashable, purple skies might be caused by the lack of molecules to scatter the colour away from our eyes.

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Top image via Myke Muk K C Facebook