This credit card may make the most sense for S’poreans

What’s better than rebates? More rebates.

| Zhangxin Zheng | Sponsored | May 21, 2022, 09:51 AM

Who would know the joy and pain of an ordinary Singaporean better than ourselves?

Our credit cards, perhaps.

It’s the one and only item that’s always there with you, whether at the counter when you check out your necessities, or while you ring up your loot from retail therapy.

But some cards are better at reducing the pinch you feel in your pocket every time you hear the “beep” sound made during transactions, by giving you extra perks.

As a self-proclaimed tech-savvy millennial “aunty”, the perk that sparks the most joy in me is getting rebates from the money I spend.

With the rise in the cost of living, what’s even better than rebates? More rebates.

My brain has run out of RAM space to keep track of miles and reward points.

Truth is, I have never mastered such bookkeeping skills, which make me envious of my colleague who even keeps track of the various books she reads in a year.

If you’re like me and don’t have a prodigious memory, just face the facts and get a card that suits us better – the POSB Everyday Card.

Enjoy rebates from everyday spending

Some of us have become more accustomed to online shopping and cashless shopping, thanks to the pandemic, which makes the POSB Everyday Card perfect for our needs.

From food deliveries to online shopping, this card has got your back.

Here are some rebates that the card offers:

Up to 10 per cent cash rebates for food

With the POSB Everyday Card, you get 10 per cent cash rebates when you order from foodpanda, Deliveroo or WhyQ.

Eating out with friends and loved ones? You can also clock three per cent cash rebates at most restaurants or eateries, except fast food outlets.

Up to 8 per cent cash rebates for shopping

Scrolling through e-commerce platforms such as, Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee, RedMart, iHerb, and Taobao every day?

You can get five per cent cash rebates when you spend on these popular online marketplaces with the POSB Everyday Card.

Photo by Mothership.

POSB Everyday Cardmembers can also enjoy up to three per cent cash rebates when you make purchases at Watson, both in-store or via online.

For Sheng Siong shoppers, get five per cent cash rebates with the POSB Everyday Card, with a limit of up to S$30 cash rebate per month.

Can’t get bai bei (The reward worth 100 times of your receipt value)? At least you can secure these rebates.

When making purchases at Popular stores, POSB Everyday Cardmembers can get eight per cent cash rebates.

Up to three per cent cash rebates for bills and fuel

To top it off, there are up to three per cent cash rebates for POSB Everyday Cardmembers when they set up recurring payments for their utilities and telecommunication bills.

This way, you will never miss out on the payment deadline too.

If you drive, a POSB Everyday Cardmember can get up to “20.1 per cent + two per cent” fuel savings at SPC.

From now till June 30, you may stand a chance to win S$1,000 worth of SPC voucher for every S$50 nett spend in a single receipt at SPC.

20 per cent off for Sentosa Fun Pass™

Those who are not planning to make an overseas trip any time soon due to the pandemic may find themselves heading to Sentosa more often than they had expected these days.

Whether you are looking for an escapade or just some chill time with your loved ones, Sentosa has something for everyone.

To get the most bang for the buck, why not buy a fun pass so you can get cheaper rides and even reserve a place in advance for your desired attractions?

Save money, save time, why not?

POSB Everyday Cardmembers can get an additional 20 per cent discount for purchase of the Sentosa Fun Pass™ with the promo code .

Don’t say bo jio.

Apply now to get S$300 cashback

The POSB Everyday Card lives up to its name by covering various aspects of our everyday spending.

Every small saving accumulates to a significant amount if you do some quick math.

If you need further convincing, here’s it.

For new DBS/POSB credit card applicants, you can get S$300 cashback when you apply for the POSB Everyday Card from May 17 to May 30, 2022.

To get the cashback, you will have to apply for a card online and spend a minimum of S$500 within the first 30 days from card approval date.

Do note that some rebates will require a minimum spending of S$800 in the same calendar month which is unlikely a problem if you are settling all your bills on this all-in-one card.

Find out about all the perks of being a POSB Everyday Cardmember here.

The writer of this sponsored article is getting more sensible at spending, hopefully.

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