S'pore delivery rider claims man stole his bicycle at Paya Lebar Quarter & challenged him to a fight

Stranger things.

Low Jia Ying | May 23, 2022, 02:23 PM

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A man in Singapore allegedly took a delivery rider's unlocked bicycle at the entrance of Paya Lebar Quarter on Sunday (May 22) and moved it to the neighbouring Paya Lebar Square mall.

When confronted, the rider claimed that the man challenged him to a fight at the back of Paya Lebar Square, and later turned violent towards the rider after he tried to call the police.

Found bike missing after entering mall to pick up order

In a post uploaded to Facebook group "Sg Chinese Community" on Sunday, May 22, the delivery rider explained that at around 10:30am, he had parked his bicycle at the entrance of Paya Lebar Quarter.

He then left the bicycle unlocked and entered the mall to pick up a food delivery order.

10 minutes later, he returned to the spot where he parked his bicycle after picking up the order, and realised it was missing.

"I have no choice but to deliver the order by foot as it was an ice cream order," he wrote. Fortunately, the destination for this order was nearby.

After completing his order, he returned to search for his bicycle and found it parked in front of the MOS burger outlet at Paya Lebar Square, a mall beside Paya Lebar Quarter.

He saw a phone attached to the phone holder on the bicycle, and decided to wait for the alleged thief to return.

Told rider he wanted to take his bicycle "to go home"

The rider confronted the man when he returned to the bicycle, and recorded their interaction.

What ensued was a series of half-apologies and bizarre-sounding comments from the man:

Man: "Okay okay, I'm sorry okay?"

Rider: "Why are you trying to steal my bike? You tell me, are you trying to steal my bike? Then you put your phone [on my bike]?"

Man: "I'm not trying to steal, I want to go home."

Rider: "You want to go home then you take my bike and go home?"


Man: "Wait, wait, brother wait. I want to take your bicycle go home but I busy already, I tired."

The man also tried telling the rider that he wanted to sleep. He then tried to leave, removing his phone and a helmet from the bike.

"And that's your helmet?" the rider pointed out, presumably because the helmet did not belong to the man either.

"Eh sorry la, sorry," he man replied, and put the helmet back on the bicycle.

Man supposedly challenged rider to a fight

As the man opened a thermal bag attached to the bicycle, the rider discovered that the man had apparently taken yet another delivery rider's Burger King order.

The man then said he will go back to Burger King and return the order.

The rider wrote that it was after this discovery that he decided to report the man to the police, even though he had initially decided to let the man go.

As they were walking back to the restaurant, the rider continued to question the man in a raised voice.

In response, the man supposedly used "bad words" to scold the rider.

During their exchange, the rider claimed that he was challenged to a "1v1 fight" at the back of Paya Lebar Square, which he turned down.

When the man noticed the rider calling the police for help, he allegedly became "aggressive" and supposedly threw some punches at the rider's back and head, and pinched his upper arm.

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