S'porean invites migrant workers from workplace to celebrate Hari Raya at home


Irwan Shah | May 08, 2022, 01:26 PM

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Hari Raya Aidilfitri is usually celebrated by visiting the homes of friends and family. It's an intimate gathering of loved ones and those that are cherished.

Besides celebrating this occasion with their immediate family members, the family of TikTok user @n4di4ndin chose to share the joy of Hari Raya with migrant workers living in Singapore too.

@n4di4ndin shared about this gathering on TikTok on May 4, and the video has since reached 187,000 views at the time of writing.

@n4di4ndin Not your typical day 1 raya🌾💫 #bangladesh #chinese #singapore #eidmubarak #selamathariraya #bekindtoeveryone ♬ Glitch Mode Raya Remix - Abe Moon

Not your typical raya

The house was prepped before the migrant workers arrive. Screenshot from @n4di4ndin.

The TikTok user's father invited a group of Bangladeshi workers and a Chinese colleague over to their house to celebrate the first day of Hari Raya. The home was prepped and ready to receive its special guests.

The TikTok user's father entertaining the family's special guests. Screenshot from @n4di4ndin.

The guests were greeted with an array of food and drinks, coupled with the warm hospitality of the TikTok user's family. Her father hosted the migrant workers while they enjoyed a good meal during the celebration.

Migrant workers brought food and drinks for the TikTok user's family. Screenshot from @n4di4ndin.

The migrant workers also brought food, drinks and fruits to the occasion for the family — adding their own contributions for the special day.

Close ties

Screenshot from @n4di4ndin.

Laughter and smiles can be seen in the video as the migrant workers engage in a lively conversation with each other and the TikTok user's father.

rayat A group photo of the TikToker's father and their guests. Screenshot from @n4di4ndin.

The whole group took a photo afterwards to remember this day.

Netizens feeling touched

Viewers on TikTok were moved by this wholesome video.

Here are some comments:

rayatokcomment1 Screenshot from @n4di4ndin.


Screenshot from @n4di4ndin.

TikTok users praised her father's gracious act, citing that it was sweet of him to do so. Others described the whole occasion as wholesome, with one saying that she was "crying".

After the first video went viral, @n4di4ndin posted another video two days later and mentioned that it was an easy way for them to make the world a better place. You just have to "be kind, giving and have compassion".

@n4di4ndin Reply to @kimichibiimbapp ♬ Senandung Hari Raya Untukmu - Dayangku Intan

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Top photo from @n4di4ndin's TikTok video.