Pet dog euthanised after slipping out of open gate & getting involved in hit-&-run at Paya Lebar

The owner is appealing for witnesses.

Alfie Kwa | May 26, 2022, 06:50 PM

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A pet dog was run over in the Tai Seng area in an alleged hit-and-run incident along Upper Paya Lebar Road towards the viaduct in the direction of Serangoon on May 23.

A video posted by the dog's owner, who goes by sorapoh on Instagram, showed the dog at an underpass moments before the accident.

It was not wearing a leash at the time.

Sora also shared another video of the dog getting hit by a car.

The post has received over 15,000 likes so far.

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Dog slipped out of side gate

Sora revealed more details about what happened in a series of Instagram stories posted on an account dedicated to her dog, a 10-month-old Shiba Inu named Luca.

She claimed that Luca escaped from her home when "someone that is not our family" left the side gate open.

The person had also apparently propped the gate open with a bicycle.

Luca slipped out, and Sora ran in pursuit of the dog for about 40 minutes. Her family members followed behind in a car.

Luca ran into oncoming traffic near Upper Paya Lebar Road, and the cars stopped as it crossed the road.

However, Luca then entered Bartley Viaduct, and was subsequently run over by a car at around 11:32pm.

Warning: Graphic content warning. Reader discretion is advised.

Sora claimed the car ran the dog over "at full speed", and the driver did not stop or slow down despite other cars honking at it repeatedly.

Drivers who were at the scene stopped to help Luca before Sora arrived.

Dog euthanised

The dog apparently suffered from a severed spinal cord and a punctured lung. Sora said this instantly paralysed him from the waist down.

Sora said:

"Yeah, he was in terrible f*cking condition."

She added that after Luca was hit, it was unable to move its hind legs, and dragged itself towards her using its front paws.

Image taken via lucatheshibe/IG.

Image taken via lucatheshibe/IG.

Sora also claimed several animal clinics she brought Luca to did not attend to the pet immediately, and that Luca allegedly went 12 hours without proper care or medical aid.

After seeking advice from a fifth veterinarian, Sora and her family decided to euthanise Luca.

Image taken from sorapoh/IG.

Luca at the vet. Image taken from sorapoh/IG.

Appealing for eyewitnesses

Sora is now looking for eyewitnesses of the accident to track the driver down.

She said in her Instagram post that the driver "saw Luca from so far away and he still ran him over full speed and dashed off".

She wrote:

"Other cars were honking at him and he still mercilessly ran him over."

An eyewitness told Sora that she heard a loud "bang sound" when the car hit Luca.

She added that she sounded her car horn to alert the driver but to no avail:

"We keep on horning him at the time but he still bang."

Image taken via lucatheshibe/IG.

Trying to comprehend the event

Sora added that if the driver had slowed down, Luca would probably have had a "fighting chance" to survive the accident.

Sora said in her post:

"If you stopped after hitting him knowing u just ran over someone’s dog, i would’ve been more understanding. Other cars could hear the impact, you could’ve pulled over but you didn’t."

She added:

"... what’s the backstory? had too many beers or had a fight with your wife? or perhaps using your phone, didn’t see the road infront of you? or u simply had a sick pervasion and got a mild high from running over an innocent animal? sick f**k."

Mothership has reached out to Sora for more information.

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Top images taken from Sorapoh/IG.