LTA books motorist for improper lighting, says it may affect visibility for other road users

Checks were also performed on vehicles suspected of overloading.

Matthias Ang | May 22, 2022, 02:05 PM

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Multiple motorists have been booked by officials from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for offences including illegal modifications to their vehicles and being overloaded.

According to a Facebook post, the bookings took place during a 16-hour joint operation that the LTA carried out with the police against errant motorists islandwide.

In total, almost 200 offences were detected.

Supposedly found vehicles with non-compliant window tinting and improper lighting systems

The LTA said that it found vehicles that "may have" undergone illegal exhaust modifications, installed non-compliant window tinting and licence plates and gave several examples of motorists who were booked and the rationale behind taking action against them.

In addition, some vehicles were found to be overloaded.

In the case of a motorist booked for non-compliant tinting of his windows, LTA said that such an act could hinder the driver’s vision and pose a danger to the driver and other road users.

Source: Photo via LTA/Facebook

Another motorist was booked for improper lighting systems installed on his vehicle. The LTA said that this might affect the visibility of other road users.

Source: Photo via LTA/Facebook

LTA also highlighted a case involving a motorcycle suspected to have an illegally-modified exhaust. It was subsequently escorted to an inspection centre for further checks.

Source: Photo via LTA/Facebook

Checks were also performed on vehicles suspected of overloading to ensure that loads were conveyed within permissible limits.

The LTA added that overloaded vehicles might affect their roadworthiness and potentially aggravate Singapore's road infrastructure, which would require more maintenance to ensure the safety of motorists.

Source: Photo via LTA/Facebook

Also carried out regular inspections on cyclists

Apart from the joint operation with the police, the LTA said that it also carried out its regular joint operations with the traffic police in areas frequented by cyclists.

These involved being on the lookout for errant cyclists and engaging others on safety.

Over 65 cyclists were engaged and reminded to adhere to safety rules such as using hand signals early to warn other motorists of their intention to turn or switch lanes and being more aware of vehicles’ blind spots.

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Top photos via LTA/Facebook