Indian couple sue son & wife for not giving them a grandchild

The couple's lawyer highlighted that they did not marry off their son to live alone.

Matthias Ang | May 18, 2022, 02:42 PM

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An Indian couple is suing their only son and daughter-in-law for 50 million rupees (S$895,000) for not giving them a grandchild after six years of marriage.

According to CNNthe couple, Sadhana and Sanjeev Prasad, are demanding that their son and his wife produce a grandchild within a year or compensate them.

Spent life savings on son's education

Sanjeev Prasad was quoted by The Times of India as saying that he had spent all of his savings on his son.

This included:

  • Sending his son to the U.S. in 2006 to train as a pilot, which cost him 5 million rupees (S$89,500),
  • Supporting him financially for two years at an unspecified amount after he returned to India in 2007,
  • Paying for his son's wedding at a five-star luxury hotel, his honeymoon abroad and a car that cost 6 million rupees (S$107,300).

According to CNN, the couple claimed that they had spent a total of about 20 million rupees (S$357,500) on their child.

Couple's lawyer: Did not marry off their son to live alone

Sanjeev Prasad also highlighted they had married off their son in 2016 in the hopes of being provided with a grandchild whom they could play with.

BBC reported that the son's marriage was an arranged one.

"However, almost six years have passed and there is no child. We are facing immense mental harassment," Sanjeev Prasad added, according to The Times of India.

He also voiced his discontent with his daughter-in-law for staying in a different city from their son due to their jobs and noted that she also seldom stayed with the couple, even though they treated her as their own daughter.

The couple's legal representative, Arvind Srivastava, was further quoted by CNN as saying:

"They see people in their neighbourhood playing with their grandchildren and feel like they should also have one. They said they didn't marry (their son and daughter-in-law) off so that they can live alone. So they said that in the next year, either give us a grandchild or give us compensation."

He also highlighted that there was no one to care for the older couple and that "all parents wish to be grandparents one day."

The Prasads' son and daughter-in-law could not be reached for comment by multiple media outlets.

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Top screenshot via Times of India YouTube