Huge traffic jams spotted at Causeway on the weekend just before start of June school holidays

Many Singaporeans miss Johor.

Sulaiman Daud | May 28, 2022, 08:02 PM

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Massive vehicle queues were spotted on the Causeway linking Singapore to Malaysia on May 28, right before the June school holidays.

Facebook user Dannie Tan shared photos of the Causeway at around 9:40am on May 28, to Facebook group 新加坡马来西亚生活情报交流区 (Singapore Malaysia Live Update Exchange), showing the long line of vehicles inching forward to their destination.

Photo from Dannie Tan.

Long queues of vehicles extended in both directions, with what looked like mostly heavy vehicles, such as trucks, headed to Singapore, while smaller passenger vehicles like cars were headed to Malaysia.

Photo from Dannie Tan.

The post's caption read "first day of school holidays in Singapore" (translated from Chinese). May 28 is officially the start of the holidays between Semesters 1 and 2 for primary and secondary school students.

At around 12 noon, TikTok user @jbsgcauseway shared a video purportedly showing a jam still snarling up the Causeway, although some movement could be seen.

@jbsgcauseway Heavy traffic jam still continues….#singapore #johorbahru #causeway #johorsingaporecauseway ♬ It's a Beautiful Day - Evan McHugh

By 6:42pm, another TikTok user @jb2singapore shared another video, with the queue looking somewhat smaller.

@jb2singapore28/05/2022 SG TO JB CAUSEWAY at 6.42pm♬ original sound - Singapore-JB Causeway Traffic

And by 7:35pm, the Land Transport Authority's One Motoring site showed another view of the Causeway, with the traffic jam looking smaller still.

There still appeared to be a queue of vehicles headed to Johor, but the road leading to Woodlands looked clear.

Screenshot from One Motoring.

This has not been the first time in recent weeks that huge queues were spotted at the links between Singapore and Johor, after Malaysia announced that it would be restoring the land border, with some restrictions, on April 1.

Long weekends, in particular, saw crowds of Singaporeans headed to Johor, having been kept away for many long months due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Top image from Dannie Tan and One Motoring.