Taiwanese man gets 4 weeks' jail for flashing S'pore girl, 12, at void deck

The 26-year-old became aroused after looking at "sexily dressed" women while on his way to buy dinner.

Lee Wei Lin | May 26, 2022, 10:15 AM

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A 26-year-old Taiwanese man has been handed a four week jail sentence after exposing his genitals to a 12-year-old girl.

What happened

Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) reported that Zhang Qi looked at "sexily dressed" women at 8:52pm on January 5, while he was on his way to buy dinner.

Aroused, he proceeded to a corner of a void deck to masturbate. While doing so, he saw the child walk by and pretended to ask her for directions to the nearest MRT station. He used an umbrella to cover his privates as his pants were still unzipped.

Upon receiving the girl's response, Zhang moved the umbrella away and asked the girl: "Do you like it?" while looking at his crotch. Shocked, the girl stepped away and shouted, "Oh my goodness". The offender apologised and left the scene.

The court heard that the offender has no mental disorder.

Victim shaken by what had happened

The victim told her mother about what had happened after she got home, and was reported to have been unable to calm down for hours. Her mother brought her to the police station the next day to file a report.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) combed through CCTV footage and spent a total of 30 man-hours locating the offender.

Offender says he turned to watching porn to relieve stress

The offender's lawyer said that his client works 14 hours a day and suffered from exhaustion within his first year of work. The man turned to watching porn to relieve stress.

He added that the offender felt a great deal of regret about what he did and wrote a letter of apology, hoping that the victim would forgive him.

The man had also seen a psychologist, who allegedly told him that he has a tendency to expose himself, but has a low chance of reoffending.

Speaking directly to the court, the man shared, "Even I can't believe that I did something like that. I understood why I acted the way I did after I saw the doctor. I will continue to seek the doctor's help in future and promise that I won't do it again."

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Top photo by Bryan van der Beek/Bloomberg via Getty Images.