Golden retriever pup in Bangkok gets mugshot taken at police station, 'charged' for getting lost

Extra count for being too cute.

Zhangxin Zheng | May 17, 2022, 11:30 PM

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This golden retriever is probably the cutest criminal ever.

The police in Bangkok recently found a small golden retriever at a condominium building along Wireless Road on May 16 evening.

The puppy was then taken to Lumphini police station.

The police then took a mugshot of the female puppy with a board that read: "Name: Golden Retriever" and "Charge: Getting lost".

The board also had other details, such as the time when the dog was found and the name of the condominium, in hopes of locating her owner.

The furry suspect appeared to enjoy being held in custody at the police station.

Blankets and food were provided while she waited for her human minder to bail her out.

Owner came to collect lost pup

On May 17 evening, the owner contacted the police and came to pick the golden retriever from the station.

The fluffy little one definitely looked remorseful here:

And we can be certain that she is happy to reunite with her owner and leave the police station guilty/ cutie as charged.

Stay safe, little one.

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All photos via Lumphini police/Facebook