S'pore man wants to quit S$3,400/month job as he doesn't have enough work to do back in office

Everything he needs to do in the office he can do at home in a few hours. But he needs to go to the office.

Lee Wei Lin | May 27, 2022, 04:52 PM

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People change jobs for all sorts of reasons, but have you ever considered quitting because your job gives you too little to do?

Well, it appears someone in Singapore is contemplating jumping ship because the pandemic has revealed the tedium of working back in the office after working from home for so long.

As a result, being made to return back to the office for the whole day is leaving one worker with too much free time on his hands -- and feeling unfulfilled.

The man with the First World problem, Kenji Ong, which is likely a pseudonym, shared in a Facebook group that he is considering tendering.

He lamented that he is receiving "only 20 to 30" emails a day, and how he had "a better time" when he was working from home given that he was able to complete his tasks for the day in "two to three hours" and could spend most of his time doing his own things.

Pretend to work back in the office

As Ong has since returned to working in the office, he pretends to key in data on Microsoft Excel during his free time as his boss is sitting behind him and would be able to see if he has other software programmes open.

The pandemic survivor and office worker added that it is "very difficult" for him to spend eight hours in his current work place, and it is likely that his colleagues feel the same.

According to him, he has observed them "looking at their emails over and over again", "zoning out" or spending extra long in the toilet.

Senior colleagues have apparently told him not to complain about it, and to take a long time to complete his work.

Admitting that the job, which pays S$3,400 a month, is a "pretty comfortable one", has "no stress" and does not require working overtime or on weekends, Ong still complained that he does not like to drag out his tasks as he feels that it's a "waste of time".

He also feels that is "less energetic and is less motivated" due to how relaxed he is at work.

Others want his job

Unsurprisingly, in response to Ong's Facebook post, there were multiple comments asking if his company was still hiring.

Ong then clarified that he is an admin staff whose take-home salary is S$2700, and does not consider his pay as high compared to others working in Singapore.

He claims that he is the fourth person to be hired for the position as three others before him resigned "after a few months" for reasons unknown to him.

He added that his company is currently not hiring.

Thankful that he used a pseudonym to complain

Hours after his original post, Ong's story was published on Malaysia media, China Press.

In response, he emoted that people ought to obscure their online identity as he shared the link to the story: "I posted (my story) in the morning and (China Press) wrote about it that very afternoon. This is why we don't dare to use our actual Facebook accounts to talk about how we feel."

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