foodpanda customer spends over S$100 on groceries, only receives vegetables & a carton of milk

Online customer service did not make things better for this customer.

Alfie Kwa | May 18, 2022, 03:15 PM

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A woman ordered a long list of groceries on foodpanda only to find that most of her items weren't delivered.

She shared her experience with Stomp.

Only received a couple of items

The foodpanda user, only known as Shine, shared that she had spent a total of S$107.90 on the online food and grocery delivery platform on May 14.

She ordered white clams, cocktail sausages, chicken feet, pork collar shabu shabu, crabstick, banana milk and some vegetables, among other groceries.

This is Shine's order list, sent to Stomp.

Image taken from Stomp.

But when the delivery man came to her door, he was only holding onto one bag containing vegetables and a carton of milk.

The remaining items on the list were not delivered, she told Stomp.

According to Shine, the delivery man said that another driver would deliver the rest of the groceries to her.

However, after an hour, there were no other deliveries.

Disappointed with customer service

According to Stomp, Shine said that foodpanda didn't refund her the remaining amount owed for the missing items.

It also appeared that the foodpanda customer service person that she spoke to on the platform did not check on the other delivery person's status, if there was really someone else delivering her groceries.

After her chat with the customer service person via the platform, Shine said she was "disappointed" with foodpanda's customer service.

A series of screengrabs of the exchanges with the online customer service person showed that the foodpanda staff member apologised for Shine's experience and wrote: " I'll do my best to turn this experience around."

The customer service staff also replied that such incidents are not common and promised to look into it.

"I am quite surprised to hear this as such issues are rare. But we will thoroughly investigate this issue and see what went wrong so that it can be avoided in the future."

The foodpanda customer service person also said that the matter had been escalated to their "specialists" for further investigation but that would take around one to three days.

foodpanda in touch with customer

In response to Mothership's queries, a foodpanda spokesperson commented:

“We are sorry for the less than perfect delivery experienced by our customer. We are currently in touch with her to offer a refund, and are also investigating the matter internally to ensure that this does not happen again. pandamart is meant to be a convenient service for customers to purchase groceries round-the-clock and get them in as fast as 30 minutes, and this is definitely not representative of the fuss-free experience we want our customers to have.”

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Photo by Elianna Friedman on Unsplash