Family in Yishun can’t leave house after rare Crested serpent eagle crash landed on their doorstep

This could have happened anywhere else in Singapore.

Ashley Tan | May 24, 2022, 03:19 PM

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A family in Yishun were ready to go about their day bright and early in the morning on May 24, when they encountered an unexpected visitor on their doorstep.

Avian visitor

The resident, who prefers to be identified by his surname Oh, told Mothership that it was around 7:40am when his mother heard banging noises originating from outside their unit at Block 609 Yishun Street 61.

Thinking that perhaps, the shoe rack had toppled, she opened the door to instead find a visitor of the avian variety.

Photo courtesy of Oh

A Crested serpent eagle had somehow crash landed on their HDB floor. It then plonked its feathered behind down, right outside Oh's gate.

Photo courtesy of Oh

Oh shared that his mother, shocked by the sight of a large raptor, immediately closed the door and ran to alert Oh and his brother.

Eagle flew away an hour later

The two sons went to check on the bird, and speculating that it might be injured, they called the police. Police then directed them to call wildlife rescue group Acres.

Acres told Oh to snap more pictures and monitor the eagle before their arrival.

While awaiting Acres officers, Oh shared that his neighbour left for work, and was similarly shocked to see the eagle chilling on the floor.

After about an hour at around 8:50am, the eagle "stood up, turn and looked at my mom, and flew away" before Acres officers' arrival.

Video courtesy of Oh

Family could not leave home

As a result of the eagle's temporary presence, Oh and his family were prevented from leaving home in the hour it remained on their doorstep.

Oh shared that his mother had wanted to go for her morning jog and to the market.

Meanwhile, Oh's brother was supposed to head to the office but was forced to work from home today.

The reason he gave his boss for being unable to turn up?

"Trapped at home, because there’s an eagle chilling outside my house."

Oh quipped that so far, his family is still "recovering from the shock".

More about the Crested serpent eagle

Acres told Oh that the eagle is likely a Crested serpent eagle.

Photo from Wikipedia

It is considered both a rare resident in Singapore and a non-breeding migrant visitor from neighbouring areas.

It can be found across various parts of Asia.

As its name suggests, it preys on reptiles, particularly tree snakes.

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Top photo courtesy of Oh and from Wikipedia