M'sian policeman under probe for allegedly slut-shaming cosplayer who was reporting stalker

Victim blaming is never the way.

Lee Wei Lin | May 20, 2022, 05:29 PM

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A Malaysian policeman from the Kelana Jaya police station is under probe for allegedly making inappropriate remarks to a cosplayer who was making a report about her stalker. According to Malaysiakini, Petaling Jaya district police chief Mohamad Fakhruddin Abdul Hamid has confirmed that the man will be investigated for a disciplinary infraction.

What happened

Cosplayer Chin Pui Ting, also known as Pudds, shared a post detailing how she was harassed by a stalker at the AnimeFest 2022, which was held in Paradigm Mall. She wrote that she was "pushed towards (her) booth whilst screaming and crying" by the man, who was "asking (her) for a picture and to unblock him from discord".

Photo by Chin Pui Ting.

The 21-year-old said that he "threatened suicide", refused to leave the venue despite being asked to multiple times, and followed her to her car.

The unnamed man has reportedly been stalking her in person and online. In her police report, she detailed how she has been aware of his actions for four months, and that his harassment included multiple attempts to video call her. Chin decided to lodge a police report "in case something happens in future".

"Slut-shamed" by policeman

In a subsequent post, Chin shared how she was slut-shamed and victim-blamed while she was making the police report.

She went to the police station without changing out of her outfit, and she was allegedly told by an officer that getting harassed “are the consequences for dressing like this and selling pictures like these”, and that she is "also in the wrong".

Chin was then asked for her age, and after she responded, the policeman purportedly asked her to "go back to school" and questioned why she was "doing such things" as she is not from a modelling agency.

She added:

"Just to have a better time there I just told the police 'Yes sir, everything is my fault ok. Everything is my fault. Ok sir.'"

Photo by Chin Pui Ting.

The cosplayer attached a photo of what she was wearing at the time, explaining that she "even covered it up with a jacket out of respect".

Probe under way

On May 19, Chin posted about giving her statement to the police about what transpired, and that the matter "has been sent for investigation". She added that she has not been told if actions will be taken against her stalker or the policeman that allegedly made those remarks to her.

She also urged other victims "to speak up through proper channels" and to "never feel scared (of) or threatened to speak up".

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Top photos by Chin Pui Ting.