2 customers say they found large chicken bones in 4Fingers 'Jawbreaker' chicken burgers

More chicken parts than expected.

Irwan Shah | May 27, 2022, 01:53 PM

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Eating a 4Fingers' Jawbreaker burger might give you a nasty surprise.

In two separate incidents, customers claimed they found a large chicken bone inside their respective burgers.

Not your ordinary food delivery

A Mothership reader going by Dexter Kane lost his appetite after biting on what appeared to be a chicken bone in his 4Fingers burger.

Kane ordered a Monster Tower Combo from 4Fingers through an app on May 21, 2022, at around 9:30pm, which includes a 'Jawbreaker' burger with two chicken patties.

The Monster Tower Combo meal on Grabfood. Screenshot by Irwan Shah.

Kane said he unwrapped the burger and bit into it. Something hard caught his teeth and he realised something was off.

He disassembled the burger and found a large chicken bone inside.

The chicken bone that was found in the burger. Photo by Dexter Kane.

Aghast, he quickly took a photo of the bone and removed it from his burger.

Kane sent feedback to 4Fingers about his find about an hour after he ordered the meal, and was eventually offered a refund and S$50 in vouchers.


He shared with Mothership that he was "disgusted" and expected more from a reputable company like 4Fingers.

"Imagine if a kid ate and swallowed it," said Kane, saying that he was "pretty traumatised" by the incident.

Incident at Orchard Gateway

But Kane's experience wasn't the only one. Just a few days later, another Facebook user named Paul Cmk was shocked to find a chicken bone inside his burger when he ate at 4Fingers' Orchard Gateway outlet.

He expressed his dismay on Complaint Singapore, a Facebook group on May 25.

Paul CMK was disgruntled about his recent 4Fingers experience. Screenshot from Complaint Singapore Facebook Page.

After buying a Jawbreaker Burger, he took a bite and said that a "gigantic piece" of chicken bone caught his teeth.

Paul described the experience as "literally jaw-breaking".

The chicken bone was found in Paul's burger. Screenshot from Complaint Singapore Facebook Page.

Informed the counter staff

The counter staff was informed about the incident and she was surprised as well, but Paul mentioned that they did not offer an apology.

A replacement burger was given to Paul and he cautiously ate it.

"I resigned to my fate and decided to slowly bite into the burger, just in case my teeth breaks this time," he said.

Reply from 4Fingers about the incidents

4Fingers shared with Mothership that they are investigating the situation with their suppliers and have reached out to the customers separately.

A spokesperson for the company expressed their apologies and elaborated that they are constantly re-examining their operating procedures and improving them to avoid such incidents.

They also mentioned that the Jawbreaker burgers are prepared with fresh chicken chops and are not minced.

The chicken thighs go through a deboning process where their supplier may have lapsed in this case. The spokesperson claimed that usually, the chances of such incidents are very low, at less than one per cent.

"Based on our knowledge, this is an isolated case we have experienced at our stores," said the spokesperson.

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Top photo courtesy of Dexter Kane.