Half-naked drunk man bleeding from head at Clarke Quay taken to SGH

SCDF said one person was conveyed to Singapore General Hospital.

Fiona Tan | May 04, 2022, 01:28 PM

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A half-naked Caucasian man was seen bleeding from wounds on his head at Clarke Quay recently.

Half-naked man tried to enter bar

Facebook user Eric Sabijon informed Mothership about the incident, which he said took place outside Highlander bar at Clarke Quay, at around 11:50pm on May 1.

Sabijon said he was waiting in the queue to get into Highlander when he witnessed the incident.

According to Highlander's website, the bar is located at 3B River Valley Road, 01-11.

Sabijon told Mothership that the man – already drunk and missing his shirt – was trying to enter the same bar, but the bouncers and door staff stopped him from entering.

Situation escalated and turned violent

This was what then transpired, according to Sabijon:

The half-naked man continued to push his way into the bar, despite being informed by Highlander's staff that he had to join the queue.

However, Highlander's bouncers and staff did not let the man enter.

Eric then saw the Caucasian man get hit and punched by a group of men, though he did not put up a fight.

Sabijon said an individual smashed a bottle against the Caucasian man's head, but it was unclear who did it.

The man attempted to escape and cover his head, but he was allegedly surrounded by the perpetrators.

He later overheard a conversation about how the relevant CCTV footage would be reviewed to identify the assailants.

Caucasian man was wounded, bleeding

In a video that Sabijon shared with Mothership, the half-naked man had wounds above his left eyebrow and was bleeding from his head.

The wounded man pulls his phone out of his shorts. Meanwhile, a hand covers Sabijon's phone and someone tells him to stop recording.

"Don't touch my phone," replies Sabijon, who continues filming.

At this point, the wounded and drunk man walks towards Sabijon, who starts retreating, adding: "Don't touch me."

The man stops a few feet away from Sabijon and the video stops.

One person conveyed to hospital

Sabijon said the paramedics and police arrived shortly after, but he did not manage to see what happened after as he was already in the bar.

In response to Mothership's queries, a Highlander spokesperson said they were aware of the incident.

However, the spokesperson declined to comment further and said the case "is currently under police investigation".

The Singapore Civil Defence Force told Mothership that it received a call for assistance at 3B River Valley Road at about 11:55pm on May 1, 2022.

One person was conveyed to the Singapore General Hospital.

You can watch the video below:

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Top image screenshot from video courtesy of Eric Sabijon