Woman in S'pore finds RM1 bill in Little India with couple's names & special date written on it

She is hoping to return the bill to the couple.

Jane Zhang | April 05, 2022, 07:32 PM

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Most people who chance upon a small amount of money in public would consider it their lucky day and pocket the change.

But one woman in Singapore is on a mission to reunite a one ringgit note with the couple that lovingly scrawled their names and special date onto it.

Note with two names, hearts, and special date

On Monday (Apr. 4), the woman — Maniarasi Munusamy — posted about her quest in the Facebook group Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers(MSBC).

Maniarasi wrote that she had found the "valuable (love signature)" at Tekka, and she figured a couple may have lost it. However, she did not specify exactly at which location named Tekka in Singapore the note was found.

The blue one ringgit note (S$0.32) contains two names with a heart in between them, inscribed within a larger heart.

The names are "Kelly", written in block letters, and a less legible name, which could be "Colin", "Goth", "Glen", or something else.

A presumably special date — perhaps the date they met or an anniversary — was also written on the note: Jun. 12, 2005.

Photo via Facebook/Maniarasi Munusamy.

Couple can reach out to Maniarasi

Maniarasi asked the couple who lost the note to direct message her on Facebook.

via Facebook.

Some commenters shared their scepticism, suggesting that perhaps the couple is no longer together.

Another netizen joked that the couple may not care about the one ringgit note anymore, as they could have "upgraded" to a 100 ringgit note:

So, if anyone has a friend named Kelly who is dating or married to a Colin, Goth, or Glen — or vice versa — let them know that their sentimental one ringgit note may have been found by a kind lady in Tekka.

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Top photos via Facebook/Maniarasi Munusamy.