Man finds foam in wall panels of Ubi flat, HDB says it's safe & allowed for construction use

It's safe.

Syahindah Ishak | April 16, 2022, 12:37 PM

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A video of a demolished wall filled with what appeared to be styrofoam went viral online.

Image via Keenon Lee Pei Hong/FB.

Gif adapted from Keenon Lee Pei Hong/FB.

The 14-second video, which was posted on Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Apr. 13, was accompanied by the caption: "Styrofoam toilet wall construction at UBI HDB!"

As of Apr. 16 afternoon, the post has garnered 441 shares and 126 comments.

Is actually polyethylene foam

According to Today, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) said that it is aware of the viral video.

It confirmed that the location of the video was indeed in an HDB flat in Ubi.

However, HDB clarified that the foam found between wall panels is actually polyethylene foam.

Polyethylene foam is allowed for use in construction.

Provide good thermal and sound insulation

Polyethylene foam provides good thermal and sound insulation qualities, explained HDB.

It is sandwiched between two layers of cementitious mortar and reinforced with wire mesh to form a "sandwich wall panel".

HDB added, according to Today, that such panels "do not affect the structural safety of the building" as they are used for internal partition walls.

Despite this, such panels are no longer used in HDB flats today as they have been replaced with drywalls or lightweight concrete panels in newer flats.

HDB explained, as reported by Today: "Over the years, as HDB continued to apply new ideas and technology to advance the quality of our flats."

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Top images via Keenon Lee Pei Hong/FB.