Taliban bans TikTok due to 'filthy content' misleading younger generation

The latest restriction to be imposed on Afghans.

Matthias Ang | April 22, 2022, 12:37 PM

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The Taliban will ban China-owned video app TikTok in Afghanistan, Bloomberg reported.

Taliban: TikTok is immoral and a waste of time

The deputy spokesperson of the Taliban, Inamullah Samangani, said on Twitter that the app, along with the mobile game PUBG was "misleading the younger generation".

He added:

"We’ve received a lot of complaints about how the TikTok app and the PUBG game are wasting people’s time. The ministry of communications and information technology was ordered to remove the apps from internet servers and make them inaccessible to everyone in Afghanistan."

A ban on "immoral" content was also extended to Afghan television channels.

Samangani subsequently told Bloomberg over the phone that TikTok's "filthy content was not consistent with Islamic laws".

Latest restriction imposed on the Afghan population

The ban on TikTok marks the latest rule imposed by the Taliban in what appears to be a growing list of restrictions on the Afghan population.

Previously in March, the Taliban reversed a decision to allow girls to attend secondary schools a few hours after the schools were re-opened, BBC and Aljazeera reported.

In January, women in the country's northern provinces were banned from using public bathhouses.

The same month also saw the Taliban order shop owners to behead mannequins on the grounds that figures representing the human form contravene Islamic laws.

On Dec. 26, 2021, the Taliban issued a directive for women in Afghanistan, saying that if they intend to travel long distances -- more than 72km -- they should only be offered transport if they are accompanied by a male relative.

In addition to that, the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice urged vehicle owners to refuse women who do not wear head or face coverings.

Music of any kind is also banned in vehicles.

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Top collage left photo via, right photo via Inamullah Samangani Twitter