S'pore ranked as 5th best place in the world for outdoor adventure travel, M'sia not in top 20

Sometimes smaller is better.

Andrew Koay | April 29, 2022, 04:25 PM

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A survey conducted by clothing retailer Superdry has found Singapore to be the fifth-best place in the world for outdoor adventure travel.

The ranking, which puts our tiny island ahead of destinations like Switzerland (in seventh) and Australia (which didn't make the top 20), was derived from an analysis of 99 locations.

Each was assessed on different factors including the availability of hiking, camping, surfing, rock climbing, kayaking and the number of national parks in each country; they were then given an adventure score out of 100.

Croatia, Israel, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom made up the top four destinations.

Singapore top for Kayaking & National parks

Singapore, it appears, received its score of 77.6 based largely on the fact that we topped the categories for national parks and kayaking.

Superdry's methodology involved comparing the number of activities for the hiking, camping, surfing, rock climbing, kayaking, and national parks categories against the country's total area.

Singapore, with its minute land area, would presumably have an advantage according to this method.

According to Superdry's research, we have one national park per 2.07 square kilometres and one kayaking activity every 17.4 square kilometres.

Other categories like Skydiving, involved counting the number of drop zones a location had; or in the case of camping, involved the number of Instagram posts using the "#camping[country]" hashtag.

Singapore also ranked in the top five for rock climbing and hiking.

Thailand was the only other Asian destination to place in the top 20, with a rank of 17th.

Table of the top 20 ranked places Image from Superdry

Here are the top destinations according to activity:

  • Best for hiking - Hong Kong
  • Best for camping - Australia
  • Best for visiting national parks - Singapore
  • Best for rock climbing - Malta
  • Best for surfing - Mauritius
  • Best for kayaking - Singapore
  • Best for skydiving - France

The full report can be read here, though the website is geo-blocked and therefore can only be accessed in Singapore with a VPN.

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Top image from Kayaking Asia