S'pore man caught on camera destroying neighbour's flowers that were put up as Hari Raya decorations

Unsavoury behaviour.

Andrew Koay | April 30, 2022, 09:34 PM

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One man in Singapore certainly isn't displaying any neighbourly qualities — and he has a video to prove it.

A Facebook user, who goes by the name Zizie Caipirinha, has posted about how a man vandalised her household's flowers.

"Early morning bring scissors come outside people house to ruin people's decorations for Hari Raya? (sic)," wrote the woman.

"Willing to wake up during dawn just to do this?"

Vandalism at 5:28 am

The orchids placed outside a HDB flat The Orchids before they were destroyed. Image from Zizie Caipirinha;s Facebook

The post was accompanied by CCTV footage showing the man in question — dressed in a blue trucker cap, a grey t-shirt, and grey pants — approaching a row of orchids mounted outside a Housing Development Board flat at 5:28 am.

He then starts chopping the heads off the orchids.

When he's finished, the man chucks his handful of flowers on the ground, and then takes off the head of one more flower sat on the floor.

The vandalised orchids thrown on the ground. Image from Zizie Caipirinha;s Facebook

Unsatisfied with the damage he'd already caused, the man takes aim at another group of plants placed near the lift.

This time he simply pulls the plants out of the pot and tosses them over the parapet.

The man then walks off camera, surveying the trail of destruction he'd left behind.

A yearly incident

According to the post on Facebook, the man's early morning activities have become an annual event.

"This has been ongoing for every year whenever Hari Raya is around the corner," read the post.

"Also, he doesn't even stay on the same level. So what's his problem?!!!"

At the time of writing, the post has garnered 174 comments and over 1,600 shares.

Several commenters called for the family to make a police report regarding the issue.

Mothership has reached out to the Facebook user for comment.

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Top image from Zizie Caipirinha's Facebook